when a family clan goes under new ownership...

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  1. It could be an alt posting. but for being in a clan for several years and really liking it and the people youd think op would have more than 20min attacks at least.
  2. Check your butt lol 
  3. That's a technical foul
  4. It was a RP clan/ one of the few RP clan on here. We didn't grow very much an dive reset this account a few times.
  5. I've seen grace before so I'm guessing it's the clan -Camp-_Half-Blood- or something like that

    The owner that left was -percyjackson-
    Well those are my assumptions
  6. The clan is -camp_half-blood-
    I'm pretty sure I'm spot on with my guesses lol
  7. They should clean up there wall that's how I found which clan it was
  8. Ditto  Or at least kept it in PM
  9. I hope it was quicksilver because I just used all my troops on him. Wouldn't it be awks if that was the OP's friend?
  10. It's probably her time of the month
  11. tut tut...lies and misinformation were always a speciality of yours.

    Truth of the matter is, you were the antagonist in this situation. While, yes, the member you had this little run-in with did, in fact, disband your clan - this was years ago. Many had forgiven and forgotten, some didn't even know. You, however, seemed to be incapable of such acts. Instead, you chose to act in a rude and derogatory manner towards this member simply for greeting others or saying hello. Enough provocation eventually warrants a response - this response was an argument held in the clan's chat. Eventually an admin had enough of this argument and asked you to stop, threatening to mute either side if they continued. You chose to ignore this request and, knowing the consequence, continued to poke the anthill, resulting in a mute. You then left on your own accord, before proceeding to argue with the one person who may have sympathised with you, and you got banned.

    The person you speak of had a rough history with the clan, yes - but was there with the intent to make up for his past wrongdoings. You decided to make it a tough and arduous task for him to do so, berating him for simply existing for a mistake he made over 2 years ago.

    The reason that your clan was not passed to a current member when the old one left is simply because it was inactive - nobody was really left to give it to. The current owner has done a great job of getting it back on its feet, putting in the time and effort to do so. Not many others would have had either the time or energy to do so, and it was no easy task. I believe you yourself were inactive for an extended period of time around then, but I may be wrong.

    Now you will attempt to paint those that have put you in this situation as the enemy - understandably so, I would probably show a similar reaction. But do not pretend that you are an innocent victim and point fingers.

    You are just as bad.
  12. Something smells like freshly grilled butt hurt.
  13. I didn't bother to read through 4 pages. I'm the old owner of said clan. The reason the clan was given to the now owner: before I even left the game, people wanted me to retire as they had seen me unfit (even though I raised the clan myself when no one else did, no this isn't a victim story, take that argument elsewhere) to run the clan. I hadn't mentioned leaving and yet people were suggesting that I leave and leave the _X clan member_ as owner.
  14. I don't think many care tbh.
  15. If anyone cares: The new owner was the best choice amongst the older clan members. Older members hadn't been considered in giving ownership seeing ad they were inactive, me being left.

    You said it yourself, Grace, you were done with drama. Why post this? Many of the older members aren't active, many hardly care for the game or play it.

    Those that are left have grown past the stats I had. I have no idea if it was the new owner that made them grow, themselves or some spark of interest for KAW. The clan is organized and running. I was accepted within seconds of applying.

    If you're unhappy with older members being inactive, you can't do anything about it.

    I left the game about 9 months ago, maybe? I'm not sure. AND I'm still being contacted outside of KAW to deal with matters that are none of my business. I left the clan in the new owner's hands with the belief that it would be taken care of, and it was and has been.

    What more do you wish?
  16. just not a fan of OP's implications, apologies if I came across in an aggressive tone.
  17. lol ...get a restraining order 
  18. Camp half blood 
  19. I'm just as bad you didn't see any of the messages between me and her on kaw and I'm not even making this about carb in the 1st place I've said my sorries to her and she said nothing to me and she wouldn't even tell y'all I apologizes. You only know one side of the story
  20. Ppl suck gf. 
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