What's your personal Rubiks cube best?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by __Ivander__, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. You do realize I was joking right? You can't have 5 sides correct without having the 6th also correct...
  2. I know
  3. 
  4. Yep that is really funny, just ignore that troll
  5. What ever -grizzy-, for once I'm with moose I this one, the key is too ever so slightly moisten your fingers.

    I must stress ever so moisten. That way the stickers peel straight off with no residue.

    I've perfected this method in under 40seconds.
  6. Getting completely messed it up in a few minutes, then a couple of minutes of looking at it confused finally putting it down somewhere and walking away.
  7. I dont have the patience for these things. Id rather be socializing or working to pay bills. What could ever come from solving a toy???
  8. I could do the flat rubic thingy with the rings on quickly. It went flap snap flap snap
  9. Seriously doe, I know you do the cube for the chicks bruv...
  10. 17.58 seconds
  11. I once managed to do one after a few days
  12. Can do it under a minute.
    But, I do it just as a party-trick. I'm no speed-cuber.
  13. Is that the length in inches or the time you last?
    Sorry couldn't resist.
  14. 53 seconds. It was when I was 13 though
  15. Logic is my Rubix Cube Hero 
  16. If the stickers would of held after being peeled off then...
  17. I'm so good at doing Rubik's cubes, I opened the packet and boom it was done

    or maybe its in the packet already done...

  18. Fastest time currently is 49 seconds, I'm always trying to improve but the f2l part of the fridrich method always seems to screw me up
  19. Are you kidding