What's your personal Rubiks cube best?

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  1. Anyone of you ever solved a rubiks cube?
    My fastest time to solve it is 13.29 seconds which has easy and fast scrambles 

    What about u? Please comment below about your time!

    The world record single for 3x3 rubik's cube is 4.90 seconds by lucas etter.
    The world record single for 4x4 rubik's cube is 21.54 seconds by feliks zemdegs
    The world record single for 5x5 rubiks cube is 46.97 seconds by feliks zemdegs

    My youtube channel: Ivander Latidjan
    U can find more info in the WCA site (just google wca world cube association)
  2. 2yrs and still not solved
  3. Haha do not worry, u still can do it someday 
  4. I used to peel the stickers off and then place all the same colors on one side. I could do this in under a minute
  5. Thats cheating way haha
    But most people can solve at least one side
  6. Wow that takes me over 5 minutes
  7. I got five sides correct once but never managed the last one :/
  9. Try using fridrich method
  10. I once managed to solve one side on a 2x2 Rubik's cube! :lol:
  11. Haha  i can do that lol
    Sometimes before i know how to solve 2x2, i solved it without even knowing bybturning randoms ways
  12. Rubiks cube is my hobby :)
    I own from 2x2 until 7x7 which is amazing and i can solve it
  13. I don't believe you op ss or bs
  14. Is that an insult?
    You can check the WCA site fornevidence regarding world records and rankings.
  15. Lol yeh I believe the world records obviously, but you solving it in 13 seconds? Sure 
  16. Thats my best is 13.29 seconds
    But my average is about 19 seconds
  17. So how you going to prove it?
  18. :lol:
  19. I have youtube videos
    My youtube channel: IvanderLatidjan
  20. Honestly I could name myself Jenson button and then point you in the direction of my formula 1 vids.