What's the best route for hansel?

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  1. I built 23 level 1 volaries... It takes foooooreeevvveeerrrr to upgrade
  2. Or you can just buy lvl 2'as one by one.
  3. I'm working on B, after I sell all my allies to buy my friend.

    So until then, I'm doing C.
  4. To pummeler shush dude its not an exploit realy its a matter of war experience
  5. Lvl 3 vols one by one . But on low lands build some T4 attack I'd recommend
  6. just got to land complete.... so it's a mix of answers....

    Just need to know what would be the fastest route to get to...

    25 vols lvl 1
    23 sos lvl 3
    1 lvl 3 coe

    would i gain plunder by building vols?
  7. Switch to tower build its your best bet
  8. Kaybran: yeah an experience in exploits. Best route is back door.
  9. SoS conversion last is best. Better to have 1 colony and 24 vols than 25 vols and 1 CoE. Higher plunder and higher strength.

    Do the attack builds first and just save up to do a lvl 3 volary at a time.
  10. save up for 25 lv3 vols and convert

    Then 24 lv3 SoS And convert

  11. Save up for 1, build it, then carry on. Saving for all 25 in one go isnt a good idea.
  12. Take the I75 west, get off at exit 14, take a left at the 2nd stop sign, keep going til you hit a two lane gravel road, take a right when you see old farmer joes silo, keep going 3 more miles and then you've arrived at hansel
  13. will i really get more plunder for having a t5 atk building but having sos instead of vol?
  14. Youre better off keeping guilds and a T5 attack building than converting to SoS until youve got all your lands.
  15. i already have 50 land... 1 lvl 3 coe 48 lvl 4 guilds and 1 castle....

    will making my coe into guild and building a lvl 3 colony increase plunder by a decent amount? let's say 500k?
  16. It should do. Ideally you would now convert the other HL's into lvl 3 volaries and then do the SoS after that.
  17. one more thing... more damage = more rewards at end of eb right?

    i just made 1 vol and my plunder dropped for 1m... on bonus from allies... so i sold my vol and made a guild....

    what would be the fastest way to get to my end game? save up 1 tril and build vols and sos or do it one by one?
  18. Built a vol lvl 1, 2 or 3?