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  1. So something on my mind is, what happens when these silly events end? Yes its great that smaller players are growing faster than ever, but so many others have left. Even BC people quit when the new upgrades were put out.

    Im looking for a road map. Some info from the game creators.

    Another round of 12 events would surely be the biggest hit to the game if that were to happen.

  2. Yeah the one hope I have is that devs have been working on something big in the time span of this lack-lustre rinse and repeat event series.
    ~170 days of this boringness is bad enough, we won't be able to handle more
  3. Watermelon can you and dotnet comment once more ending posts on the number 9 is a bad omen
  4. 170 days? What about the rest? :lol:

    Devs are probably going to immediately release another event that's exactly the same as the last million they've run. Of course if they do this, they are proving themselves to more stupid every single day. Not possible you say? Of course it is. Devs are clueless.

    On the rare occasion that they were in forums several months ago they were always quick to mention that 'we are working on other things'. Funny how these 'other things' never came to be.

    One can hope though, that they'll finally listen and either release a different event or maybe even new content.

  5. :/
  6. *Superstition intensifies*
  7. The last roadmap was taken by a community as some sort of legally-binding full moon blood oath, and went crazy when they felt it was not fulfilled. Why would any dev want to do it again?
  8. Bowling tournament next

  9. Why release any thing if your not going to stick to it?

    Players take devs word as solid, if they say there going to release a promo we expect a promo. If they say there releasing new lands we expect to be screwed!

    Point being, lay out a game plan. Stick to it.
  10. Like Daphnia said, a roadmap is unrealistic. Game design isn't an exact science, and most good plans change. However, I've been reading active threads since joining ATA, and I've written down a lot of awesome ideas. I can't say what will come, but you can tell us what you want.

    Keep the discussion going, this is how we can shape the future of KaW together. It would be awesome if this turned into a suggestion thread to discuss the events and features that you want in the game. Telling us what you dislike is helpful, but proposing improvements is even better.
  11. Add tapjoy(ads/game downloads) for nobility. Fyber no bueno
    5nobs a day is better than none per day, which a bunch of players settle for.

  12. Unrealistic is throwing an impossible idea out there.

    A roadmap by definition is a planned trip from point A to B. Granted detours & back tracking are all apart of the journey as well as something's not quiet panning out.

    However, a road map is a planned schedule full of expectations that draw hope from the Kawmunity who are along for the ride. As you Apes are driving remember to be careful on exactly what stops you mark on the map. Players raged when stops were not being met as expected & hoped for.

    It's not unrealistic to be upset when being told "This is what were looking at & here is a timeline". Expectation & Delivery, plain & simple. Throwing out a list if plans is fine, supplying you stick to what you say & deliver in a timely manner upon the things players come to expect from a post only Ata staff could have made.
  13. Do a series mith events
  14. For what? Would be cool though if new equipment was added. PVP equipment with higher defense stats.
  15. Lets do it

  16. Well welcome to kaw sir gregory

    You might not know me very well, but ive been pushing for change for at least a few months now. Maybe youd like to look up recent threads that I have created.

    Ive been in contact alot with support trying for new things in the game. Nothing yet. So thats why i dont want a roadmap as much as i want to hear WHATS COMING NEXT. Next isnt as hard as a year in the future.

  17. Alright Devs, since your reading this. Riddle me this one.

    Why is my Rimefolk banner @lv2 2.5% Attack & Spy & 1.5% defense across the board.

    While My Cast banner at Lv3 is 1.5% all around?

    Marking it up to 2.0% at lv4 still puts it weaker attack stats than my Rimefolk banner at 2 but twice the lv with only a .5% mark up on defense while costing 20 tokens from lv3-4 after the initial 30 tokens to get it to lv3.

    Rimefolk banner was already at Lv2 as a prize for 15k (I believe) so is this 50 token upgrade worth the actual effort?

    Granted I'm no expert or anything, but unless the lv4 banner doesn't jump 1.0% its going to be weaker Attack/Spy attack wise. .5% will set it at 2.0% which will be .5% stronger defense wise. However 1.0% will be needed on the attack/spy attack to just level it with what I'm currently using. So 1.25 would offset the attack to 2.75% (.25% stronger) while a .5% would set it defensively better.

    Last I checked hitting the same Tier prizes was supposed to yeild better equip. So following the .5% jump per level @4 I'll be looking at a banner with .5% less attack/spy attack with a measely .5% increase on defense. All the while costing twice as many tokens as the previous 3 levels (10 per level)
  18. I would really like to see a Completly new style of War. In Addittion If we as a community had to come to arms once a week to Defeat a BIG BOSS (Like any from the Eb series), that would be pretty sweet.

  19. Not stupid. Profitable.
    None of you seem to be considering the idea that maybe the developers are a little burned out too. This is an old game, and tap tap games aren't as popular as they used to be. I doubt they care a whole lot about anything other than getting what they can before this game dies.
    Of course this could be completely wrong. Either way, crazy, watch your mouth. You can't be stupid for doing what you want with your property. And that kind of talk will get you put in your place.
  20. lol ...what's wrong with the events? (yer da idiots) 