What's Next for Pokémon?

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  1. Hi peeps, just here to inform you what is coming up for Pokemon.

    You know Tekken? That super cool fight game? Well what happens when Pokemon and Tekken collide? Pokkén that's what! A street fighting Pokemon game. Limited characters have been released so far, so I'm buzzing in excitement!

    Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu is a game, that by the title, you can probably guess is a detective game, with Pikachu having the lead role. I have a theory though. Pikachu is a trainer Pokemon in this... The trainer Pokemon of Looker, so maybe we will learn more of Looker. I sure hope we do!

    Pokémon GO!
    Who hasn't heard of this one eh? Pokemon GO! is a mobile app that will allow you to meet Pokemon in the real world. Pretty neat. I think this one has a lot of anticipation in it, as the main producer of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, will be involved in it, and he has reserved himself for the main Pokemon games as of now...

    Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
    Back when I was a youngster Joey, I used to play games like Pokemon Crystal etc. But then when I found out in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you can BE the Pokemon, I was ecstatic! This love for a spin-off has continued to now, but what is going to happen in this one? We know Mega Evolution is linked in somewhere, but I can't wait to see how with no trainers or anything.

    Pokemon Z?
    This is one is one that is tingling my insides, will it be Anime exclusive? Will it come to the games? I sure hope so! On the cover of the Coro-Coro magazine, we saw pictures of new Zygarde forms, AND Pokemon XY&Z in the corner! Amongst other things. So will Pokemon Z be the next mainline Pokemon game?

    Pikachu Plush
    I know this is no new news. But Pikachu is getting a widely available AND fairly cheap plush in 2016! "How do I know this?" I hear you cry! Pokemon have got Pikachu into the Build-a-Bear workshop! With a cute costume to go with it!

    Remind me of I've missed something, I am quite excited after all!

  2. Your hobbies aren't an upcoming Pokemon game :D
    Edit: Do a backflip!
  3. I'm just waiting for the first monkey to complete a Pokemon game.
  4. That's no way to speak of KoiandDragon
  5. I gotta admit that im pretty hyped for pokemon go. it looks amazing.
  6. Sinnoh remakes! Loved platinum would adore it in 3D!!
  7. Gen IV pushes it for the last of the good Pokemon gens even then overall gen III was the last really great generation anything beyond this is just trash.
  8. Ignorance. Pokemon is getting better and better while remaining both innovative and with the same core mechanics
  9. The last time I watch Pokemon was when I was 12. I feel bored watching crap Pokemon .

    Are you 12?
  10. Yeah if you call adding under thought Pokemon like a trash bag or ice cream cone with eyes and remaking old hits with shifty new Pokemon and in 3D innovative.

    You're the real ignorant one for buying the same crap over and over again and expecting a difference, or your just too stupid to notice any difference.

    For anyone who grew up with gen 1,2,3 and stopped playing largely before the were on DS would likely agree with me.
  11. Pokken seems like an awesome idea!
  12. How do you get Pickachu on a bus?


  13. I've played the original Pokemon Red and it's very fun Pokemon is a very fun game