whatever happened to forum apologies?

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  1. Back in the day clans would farm you if you called a fat chick names ...stole items on haunting ....hit a clan person more than 5x in 24 hours ....yes ridiculously stupid since it’s a war game ...but yes

    You use to have these gem forum posts of those defeated in life who would make forum apology’s I once had a guy make a YouTube apology ...I know rather badass for the time period ...roughly 7-8 years ago nonetheless....

    I expect to see someone make someone forum apologize next time I login to this sad sad app
  2. You have 524 successful attacks so unless you’re some kind of hard case meathead hiding behind a worthless alt I seriously doubt you ever made someone post a YouTube apology haha

  3. That was on iPhone 6 back in the day when I still played this nonsense...iPhone X I just troll forums
  4. Mmhmm....
  5. iPhone 6 release date was September 19 2014. 4 years and 5 months ago roughly. Nice catfish
  6.  exposed af
  7. Get em Omar 
  8. 
  9. Well maybe it was iPhone 4 I started in 2010 sadly and left this cesspool if an app nov 2017
  10. So you just googled what iPhone was released in 2010? Nobody can confuse an iPhone 4 and 6. They are so different

  11. Back when Laoda was on his original account before he quit the first time and the. Acquired that lb account that was renamed laoda

  12. Was 2014 when we all had to pretend you got in a car accident because you weren’t online so apoc wouldn’t strip you ?...back in the carnage days before I went on to greater things ...and then quit this game for really better things lol

  13. Honestly I can’t remember what phone I had last year let alone 2010..but you get my point ...before you Silph and a couple others started buying up the block ...Teja and majesty ruled this game for years
  14. Oh can’t forget red cella..that dude ran faster from osw than an isis wife leaving syria
  15. cf requests died once gold started losing value
  16. You got the wrong person fam. I was never in carnage
  17. Now everybody is a eb fairy crybaby. They should just bring back wars and take away those pathetic ebs. People cry when you hit them. I miss the days of the forum apologies.
  18. I believe forum apologies were sorta banned. The threatening clan got some kinda punishment. Reading this thread was funny cuz the op got so banged on for bringing up the past and his validity was immediately in question. Nothings changed.
  19. ^How were forum apologies banned?

    I think I'm missing some vital information