What you're Looking for in a Girl (or a guy)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SadisticSnowman, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Hopefully a female, who doesn't have a dick bigger then mine...

  2. A soul?
  3. Everything I look for, my girls already got.

    She really is remarkable and the most amazing woman I know.
  4. Must help spell check my comments.
  5. 2 of those things i fail at lol
  6. Did I read right? Op wanted a girl who likes lego and doesnt mind him having other girlfriends?...not forgetting he plays kaw...(he plays a lot if he is asking us for input).

    I suspect the op might be narrowing down the field a little too much.
  7. I believe he said girl friends. With a space.
    And Legos can be pretty cool, like, have you seen the Skywalker n r2:d2 lego?
  8. really r u serious no boobs or butts
  9. Lego r Cool...of course. How did I miss that?

  10. /).(\ are you being sarcastic? Cause I'm bad with sarcasm. I can't connect dots...
  11. Brewery heiress

    Nuff said ️
  12. An intelligent woman who can think logically through things and have intelligent conversations.
    A woman who is easygoing and strong and isn't easily swayed by others opinions.
    Must be willing to exercise at least weekly.
    A booty and deep blue eyes with dark hair would be ideal but not necessary.
    Oh and can drive and not scare the **** outa me.
    Must NOT play Kaw or be attached to her phone 24/7.
  13. I think I saw a man there. Not sure. Hmmmm

  14. This is too fast. I don't have any idea.
  15. Non psychopath is a good start.
  16. Aww :c
  17. The ones that are girls.
  18. I generally start with a pulse........ That's Always a good sign..........
  19. I think WoIfie would serve you good ;)

    I think that's who made that thread about bikes...