What would you like to see in season 6?

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  1. I'd like to see wars in s6.
  2. Season 1 before exploits. No primal wars . No lowland wars all clan wars mixed in indi wars.
  3. All indi wars hopefully

    But am guessing its gonna be ll ane indi(baaically normal wars)
  4. Do you know how much that would suck?
  5. Like Ranxor Wars There Should Be New Spell Wars
  6. I agree that the equips given from S6 should have better stats than event equips
  7. We should change the war times. Have either

    A) 4 wars a day at 6 hr intervals


    B) 6 wars a day at 4 hr intervals

    Make it a fair competition for all time zones
  8. Devs should fix war logs before announcing S6
  9. No support

  10. Support!

    Have it more brawl style
  11. Iwar merge with LLwar and x2 war per day. X4 war per day is to tired.
  12. Indi lowland wars because honestly the current field for lowland wars isn't friendly.

    The majority of clans want people to change build which is very costly for small players. They are either forced to change or go to a clan that is awful. So most give up on lowland wars.
  13. Clan Prestige LB that factors in extra rewards. Now this wouldn't be easy to implement because a clan can roster but the roster won't always be the same, but ATA could sdo say, A different banner. Or a three day tourney like summer wars/all star wars.
  14. More wars so people who work actually have a chance at good rewards.
  15. Or they could also make their own clan and recruit with the build they want.
  16. Are there even enough people that do ee to do a season?
  17. I hope it's not round wars. Otherwise wars become just as exclusive and smalls and mids don't get the chance to war
  18. All LL clan and LL Indi, since you can't seem to still get an algorithm that can support less lopsided LB bracket wars (6ps on one side, etc.).
  19. See sun 6 OP builds rip 
  20. post of the year. Jk jk there are atleast 90 people doing indi at one time. ATLEAST. Over the course of the weeks we have S6 atleast 1k will participate.