What/Who are the Valiant Knights?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Moody, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. I come on like once a day chill buddy. I don’t spew hate I spew facts buddy.
  2. You said like any other achievement ;) checkmate
  3. Mod is not an achievement. It’s not an award.
  4. Its awarded to the biggest yes men in kaw
  5. Swabia is right tbh
  6. Swabia goes inactive, loses his VK, Acetown goes inactive yet he’s still moderator. And I don’t care that there both 2 separate things.
  7. Nominating Biyamiti for VK following his post that brought about the recent coding changes for charms & equipment.

    He wasn't the first to bring up the issue, but his detailed screenshots & testing demonstrated there was a problem.
  8. Edit 29th May 2018
    Addition of Biyamiti
    Addition of Saber
    Addition of Stacy_P
  9. Nate aka snoopy deserved VK

  10. LOL ...& why? Been inactive for months and comes back to make “2” threads that got no traction and he’s inactive. your mom bach ...your mom deserves VK. She’s done more to help KAWers than snoopy has 
  11. Roni deserves VK more then Snoopy lol 
  12. Todd doesn’t even play if he did he’d get farmed to kingdom come like his old main. He trolls forums while managing a chain of restaurants.
  13. My vote is for llNElll-DEMON-lllNEll. He is a polite guy helping lot of new players to understand how wars work.
  14. I vote llNElll-Demon-lllNEll this guy has trained a many warriors on kaw and doesn’t care whether it cost him a win or not! Well deserved!!
  15. So many first time posters suggesting Demon... :/

    I’m not saying he’s undeserving but it’s just odd to see that almost every player saying that Demon deserves it is a first time poster on the forums.
  16. @Nate it doesn't matter if its there first or fifty first post lol, I must be doing something right if they want me as vk, ty all who have voted or asked for me to be vk I really appreciate it :)
  17. @Moody.. Ad Demon to the list please.
  18. Not quite how it works :p but all names mentioned here will be considered i’m sure