What/Who are the Valiant Knights?

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  1. Edit 1st April 2018
    Removal of Swabia
  2. -GRIZZY- for VK

    It’s been a long time coming
  3. Man you mods and devs are salty removing swabia from VK LOL
  4. Of all things that actually need to get taken care of and you do this (should have been done years ago)

    lol well somebody knock on his door make sure hes ok. You just took away his sole reasoning to live :

  5. Perm ban grizzy ..hes an idiot
  6. Hey! I don’t make the rules, I just update the guides! :cool:
  7. Support
  8. True story bro
  9. Swabia’s VK shoulden’t been removed. Not like VK’s are important
  10. VK doesn’t really matter but if ATA award it then it should be like any other achievement....permanent.
  11. Why would anyone step down. All you get is a blue name.
  12. Vk was meant for people who contribute to the kaw community. Not to stop doing what you got it for
  13. Devs just mad swabia speaks the truth about this horrible game so they hit him right where it hurt they took away his VK, devs only like yes men in positions of power.
  14. People like you say this is a bad game but still come on everyday and. Spew hate just leave if you don’t like it no reason to be here
  15. Mod achievement isn't permanent as far as I know 
  17. I would like to point out that VK really isn’t a position of power, all you get is a blue name. No favour with the dev or support team just recognition for being a positive influence.

    To have this removed, the player has to generally be silenced for something or make repeated unvaliant remarks in public channels. What makes an unvaliant remark? That’s whatever the devs decide it to be and that’s their call as it is their game.
  18. I think more recognition foe the influence of players would have been very healthy for the game however now it is far too late.
  19. Did I say mod ?
  20. Oof