What Were The Devs Thinking?

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  1. Disclaimer: This is based on the extremely limited information provided by the devs and what we have been able to deduce so far by observing the mechanics of the event. Maybe the devs had a surprise around the corner which will make these points redundant… I certainly hope this is the case.

    Summary/TL-DR: Event doesn't promote clan loyalty. Easiest way to get maximum personal rewards is to hop around collecting items and then hit clan hall at any clan with over 10m items.

    What are the issues and how can they be solved:

    1. The bonus which can be racked up by hopping to get coins is 10x the bonus which can be achieved by sitting in a clan for two days. To solve this cap the coin bought bonus at the player's maximum clan loyalty bonus.
    2. Hoppers get to keep all their items when they leave a clan but the clan loses them. Surely the clan should keep them and the hopper should be penalised, say by losing 25% of the items they earned while in that clan.
    3. Early tiers that once took a day to get solo now take a whole clan 2-3 days this needs to be adjusted. 100K, 300K, 600K match the rewards of 500, 1.2K, and 3K rewards this is not worthwhile.

    If the devs aim with this event was to reward clans with a cohesive structure who play together day in and day out then I think these adjustments would go a long way towards promoting this without being too harsh on players who want to jump around every now and then to visit friends.

    I welcome all feedback, ideas, thoughts on how this could be fine tuned.

    Also, an appology to all the small to mid size clans of kaw. The unintended consequence of this thread, if steps aren't taken, will be more hoppers. Hopefully devs can fix this. If not, good luck to everyone!
  2. I agree with everything you’ve said.
    Something I’d add is that this event is also bad for small clans with small members. It’s already hard to complete the first/second tiers of normal events when you’re running small ebs, and I’m not sure the first tier of this event will even be achievable 😔

  3. It’s not achievable in a lower tier clan unless EBs run very quickly and you do some premium EBs. Thanks for that ATA.
  4. Can anyone explain to me how this event promotes clans working together?

    Devs say ‘This event focuses around working together with your clan!’ Which sounds pretty cool. Problem is that so far the only incentive I have seen to stay in one clan is the daily loyalty bonus.

    By sitting in one clan and ‘working together’ this has given me an 8% advantage over the hoppers. However, in those three days the hoppers have amassed 4-5x the number of event items I and my clan mates ‘working together’ have individually clocked up.

    Unless that loyalty bonus goes to 1000% or something in a day or two it is next to worthless.

    My next question is; how does this event cater to the small accounts in clan? Being capped on how many event items they can collect each eb means that they don’t benefit from all the work of their clan. Even if the clan collects enough items for the top tier legend they won’t get the top rewards. Wouldn’t it be better that items are shared between all clan members?

    The current set up means big accounts benefit from the efforts of small accounts but not visa versa.
  5. Total support.. kaw have never introduced anything that promotes clan loyalty
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  6. What surprises me the most is how surprised everyone is that the Devs could make such a hash of any event! We are all liked so SHOCKED at the Devs managing to run such a rubbish event lol ! Guys expect the worse every time from them !
  7. My question to devs is why don't new players get at least 1 speaker when they start KAW, i know from reading forums and wc that i need to join a clan to do ANYTHING but there is no indication of where i can find a clan for new players to join and learn or a way yet to ask players who are active and chatting right now for advice on any starter clans they know of.
    It looks like a good game, just not a great way to start...
  8. probably because of the whole MOET thing