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  1. When u hire an ally always make sure to check what ally has the best stats.Next
  2. No.. Make sure they r active.. Stats dont matter if ur buying a 1b allie
  3. Srry it cut off next make sure there active so they will upgrade.and then check a lower price maybe someone has better stats then the higher priced one i hoped this helped but it will probally fail.
  4. lmfao
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  5. Thx for ur help that's good for newbs
  6. It will probably fail.

    Inactives can sell faster than actives if you know how to play the market.
  7. Plus there's the price:stat ratio, the desires of the market, market flux, inflation, recession, and locationary spending.
  8. To name a few:p
  9. If I am looking at a great ally, I will wall his owner and ask NICELY if he minds me buying him. This increases my chances of avoiding a bidding war.
  10. Wow! Moose is really kind. I buy allies without asking except from clan members. I try to avoid buying too many big allies (over 100Bil) from the same person so they don't think I am shopping them.