what to do if bored.

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  1. Get lost. It says if the creator if thread asks someone to leave he/she leaves. If they dont report to mod
  2. :/ forums don't want you
  3. There are a list of circumstances in which the thread owner Is allowed to tell the person to leave. I would recommend re reading the ROC
  4. Well u r spamming my threads, insulting me, ext ext. leave
  5. I take it that in the attempt to be saltyfeet you forgot that you cannot control your own threads the way you think you can. For atleast salty is original you and you spam in as unique as a pinecone in a conifer forest. Now I suggest you stop with your useless spamming of the forums before you get a beat down by farmers
  6. Leave mate. Now
  7. Or I could stay and watch your useless attempts to force me to go float by, not to mention that in my first 10 posts I put in more detail than in all 250 of yours.
  8. I would farm you but you are too weak for me. I'm done with your spammy threads. Enjoy your forum ban hopefully

  9. Attention seeking* : D
  10. Stop trolling. Leave or I report
  11. Why? In what way have we earned a reporting by your amazing gracious self? Is it the fact we don't bend to your will like you 12 year old gayfriend (that's your gf right?) or the fact that you can't figure out how to get us to leave?
  12. Report what? Your useless threads? 
  13. Says the one who attempted to make 6 trolling threads and all of them have or will backfire, I hope you enjoy having this turn around in your face like spitting into a jet engine.
  14. Giant stop spamming active topics with your useless threads. You are a disgrace to the forum community, and Aces and Eights when you do so.
  15. Am I the only who thinks he should be banned from forums?
  16. I fourth this motion.
  17. As do i
  18. Or we can just farm op