What music do you listen to?

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  1. Rod stewart - killing of george @ queen -one by one only the good die young
    AC/DC Jack & Metallica - nothing else matters
    Eminem - headlights
    Ed - Supermarket flows
    Dan - hill sometimes when we touch.
    bYOB - Chop suey.
  2. These are some nice songs!
  3. I know right!?!
  4. VOLBEAT - Still Counting
    THREE DAYS GRACE - Human race
    BREAKING BENJAMIN - Red Cold River
    THEORY OF A DEADMAN - Bad Girlfriend
  5. Full Blown A.I.D.S. - Throwing Cars At People (on Coke with Thor)

    An Al Trump - That Makes Me Smart! (Full Album)

    Rudimentary Peni - Rotten to the Core

    Daughters - The Reason They Hate Me

    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - I'll Cut You Down

    Stoned Jesus - I'm the Mountain

    Crass - Punk is Dead

    The Music Machine - Talk Talk

    Melt Banana - A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To

    Mensu - Garachia

    Mr Bungle - Red Hot Chili Peppers cover in concert. (This is a video, just type in the artist and RHCP)

    Peeping Tom - Mojo

    The Jesus Lizard - GOAT (Full Album)

    Pig Destroyer - Pis Angel

    Malignancy - Cross Species Transmutation

    Dehumanized - Fade Into Obscurity

    Demolition Hammer - Carnivourous Obsession

    Found Dead Hanging - Solar Powered Sun Destroyer

    Deadwater Drowning - My Fist, Your Face

    Candiria - Mathematics

    Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine - The Terror of Tiny Town
  6. That’s one long list!..
  7. Dave Grohl is God
  8. Motown music is my jam. :)
  9. Foo Fighters?
  10. Yes..Foo Fighters formally of Nirvana.
  11. Yes
    Texas Hippie Coalition
    Point Blank
    Pink Floyd
    Joe Walsh
    Joe Satriani
  12. One piece I really like (which is not STRICTLY classical, but is orchestral) is Rhapsody in Blue. Full orchestra, and personally I also really like the piano only version (bc I really love piano music and also that's the first way I ever heard it, from a talented family friend).
  13. Beastie boys
    Pearl Jam
    Alice In Chains
    Smashing pumpkins
    Classic rock
    All punk
  14. So many new bands/artists to check out. I’m going to be busy 
  15. Modest mouse: fav song-Missed the boat, pretty much everything from "the moon and antartica" or "good news for people who like bad news"
    (Isaac Brock is one of the coolest lyricist ever.....next to Billy corgan)

    Phoenix: if I ever feel better

    M83: midnight city

    Empire of the sun: we are the people

    For some quick picks
  16. Well I mostly listen to hip hop and experimental

    1. Death grips weird mix of bass guitar and rap
    2.MF doom IMHO worlds best at the art of hip hop none of that crap they put out these days
    Only have 2 unique ones the rest are your usual rap artist like wu tang kanye tyler the creator mac Miller.
  17. If you’re into edm at all shoot me a dm and I can talk a lot about it but my favorite song is definitely Something about you - Hayden James (Odesza remix), favorite artist is flume
  18. I even put 1 song you might truly enjoy!
  19. I enjoy edm, not as much as I used as I used to. But I do still listen!
  20. Which song is that?