What Music Do You Listen To?

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  1. I listen to alot of music whether when im at home relaxing or waiting somewhere like at the bank or just exercising.

    These are just a few songs i listen to

    Evanescence ~ Haunted
    Joe Budden ~ OLS4
    Eminem ~ Legacy
    Logic ~ Let Me Go
    The Band Perry ~ If I Die Young
    3 Doors Down ~ Let Me Go
    The Game ~ Game's Pain
    Anthem Lights ~ Hide Your Life Away
    Shaman's Harvest ~ Broken Dreams
    B.O.B. ~ John Doe
    Hopsin ~ Bad Manners Freestyle
    Gym Class Heroes ~ The Fighter
    Fort Minor ~ Where'd You Go
    Ne-Yo ~ One In A Million
    Macklemore ~ Same Love
    Jason Derulo ~ Fight For You
    One Direction ~ Story Of My Life
    Lifehouse ~ Halfway Gone
    Dead Sara ~ Heart Shaped Box

    What Do You Listen To?
    I like listening to new music so if u know any not so well know artists tell me about em.
  2. Umm. Do we just say a band/artist or you want a band/artist with a song suggestion?
  3. You have to type the lyrics backwards so you get the real message of satanic ritual and cult propaganda that music gives!!
  4. What I think about your music selection...

    ... Hopefully Led won't show up on this thread or I'm in serious trouble.
  5. x) others are OK, but one direction n Jason derulo /).(\ eh.. You can like whatever you want:)
  6. What we used to do - B-Legit
  7. Birthday ~ two chainz
  8. How about some Metal or Hard Rock fans?

    Five Finger Death Punch- White Knuckles

    Anything by:
    -Avenged Sevenfold

    And mostly anything from All That Remains
  9. I see no Fall Out Boy, no support
  10. Cause fall out boy blows
  11. Friendship over
  12. The only Fall Out Boy song thats actually good is Centuries. Some of their old stuff isn't bad, but its not great.
  13. I prefer my metal with skill.

    Mercyful Fate
    Judas Priest

    To span a few genres and bands with skill who are actually metal and not Nu-Metal or MetalCORE
  14. Listening to DevilSkin. It's metal for those interested.

    That's a set of pipes. That girl can sing.
  15. Oh and check out Eluveitie.

    Other bands try to get this sound... They succeed.
  16. Haven't listened to them :shock: . But do listen to metal. Specifically Linkin Park and Of Mice and Men :)
  17. Skill?

    Synyster gates
    David silveria. Not skill? Dude you are off your rocker
  18. Do u even rock out bro?