What Makes Someone 'Human'?

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  1. I recently watched Ex Machina. To avoid spoiling the movie for everyone, I'll give a brief summary of the plot;

    A coder at a large company is selected to test an artificial intelligent robot. Over the course of a week, he has to decide whether he feels likes he's interacting with a human or a machine.

    This movie got me thinking. I don't know the direct quote, but one of the characters basically said AI Robots are the next step in human evolution.

    I personally think that the human race's ability to make their own decisions and think for themselves is what makes us human. Free will essentially.

    So if a robot can have free will, it's human in the most moral aspect. Physically a robot will never be human, it's synthetic, not natural. But if a sentient artificial intelligent robot can willingly believe in god, or make a decision on their own, mentally it's essentially human.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Being human means that u were made by God.
  3. Your genetics make you guys human, just like my genetics make me a narwhal.

    Robots will always be robots; however, robots will also act like humans. Why? Because humans created them and based it off themselves. The only thing differentiating 'human' and 'machine' is what they are made out of. Soon, humans are going to be able to create 'artificial humans', so, there's going to be a civil war where artificial humans fight against natural humans.
  4. I wish i was a unicorn. Humans are stoopid.
  5. What if humanity created God? Then aren't we the gods of our own creation? Meaning we are creating 'people' (robots) as we see fit, and therefore creating 'life'? Didn't think about that one did you?
  7. Stupidity and ignorance makes someone human. Robots do not have stupidity or ignorance. They make perfect calculations based off of facts and information. Humans have prejudice, bias, etc
  8. I'm a Christian bro, okay?

    God made Adam, and then made Eve.

    After that humans made humans. God didn't make me, a sperm cell did.
  9. I don't think you quite understand what perfect AI is.

    Artificial intelligent robots are sentient. They don't take orders. They think for themselves, like a human does. They from their own opinions.

    A robot can be just as prejudice as that one German president was.
  10. ^German Anarchist Pope*

    That doesn't mean a robot doesn't have bias, humans could just encode a human brain into a robot.
  11. Over just pure sentience, I think for a machine to be considered equal to a human, it must be able to feel pain and experience loss. This would allow it to weigh decisions from positions of self preservation and empathy.
  12. See? Frog gets it.
  13. Should robotic humans be able to marry?
  14. Why care about humans anyways if it's Kitten Masterrace?
  15. Robotic kittens will be much cuter.
  16. I support the right to robosexual marriages.
  17. Wanted to say Robotic Narwhals but then I remembered Digimon.
  18. But what about homosexual robosexual rights?

    And what about human-robot marriage rights?
  19. Being a human means being labeled as a human
  20. Robosexual covers both of those categories.
    Still support their rights.