what killed the Ally market?

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  1. Ally prices go up as the amount of gold in kaw does. Small builds can't keep up with the increasing gold but they can definitely still ally trade.

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    Honestly if you cant afford to keep up with ally market you probably should just grow. At the end of the day best investment you can make is into your own build... And thats where you will earn the most profit back per hit. Hard to even compare to profit earned per ally that you sell. Now if you have extra gold laying around put it into ally market.
  3. If we cant keep up with the ally market?

    Anyone and everyone of all sizes used to be able to make a significant amount in the market.

    I remember clans used to encourage/expect all members to work towards 2-3 trill in just tradable allies. Being build complete, or close to, was irrelevant.

    The increase of the price of active allies didnt gradually go up at a pace "most can keep up with". It jumped up by amounts that are absurd.

    Its basically an element of the game that was once a feasible means of income for anyone willing to invest to a pointless endeavor for an exceptionally large percent of the people who play kaw.
  4. Simple, gold inflation lead to players going bc. Those select players who were Hoarfrost bc long before abysmal lands started banking in allies. When Abysmal lands came out, players sold allies for fast stat increases. Which lead to higher ally prices. Going bc again quickly lead to stacking bfa once again. Given the fact these were mostly heavily towered players with huge stats. The ability to strip them became less & less likely as they rapidly grew.

    What killed the ally market? It was a huge combination of things. The osw with Zaft & Apoc added with PvP weekend blitz becoming more popular. Hire an ally & they get a wave of Inc. Your associated with "stripping" which makes you a target.

    With players going Bc inside a week of new lands & Hte helping inflation. Players need something to bank there gold into. Bronze & Silver bars are not practical as you loose 25% reselling. So naturally allies became the best option. As you could use an Alt to hire or a fellow clannie/friend. It allowed 100% return with a little added gold per your investment.
  5. If you shop smart you can earn a lot. Try shopping in a specific price range or two in order to gain knowledge of what's a good ally in those ranges. Small players could try 500b or 1t allies. Mid to large players could shop 5t or 10t allies. Most people tend to think stats for cost transfers across all price ranges but it's not true. Learn a range and you can trade far better.
  6. Nothing killed the ally market learn how to trade
  7. Now what if we didn't purge the game of the in actives but just suspended the accounts so the owner doesn't loss the money(and if player is active again he/she doesn't loss progress), yet the inactive wouldn't show up in market. So let's say I had been active on this account for 1 year(365 days) I would think 2.433 months(73 days) or 20% active time. Would be suitable to suspend account. And if I became active again I would have to contact support to take my suspension status off and reset a new password.

  8. That solves the problem of the onwer not losing his gold but it feeds the problem of not enough allies to.go around. If we can no longer see inactives then there would be far to few allies and whats left would soon become horribly overpriced
  9. Or it would force more ally trading. Just cuz the inactive is out of market don't mean u can't buy off other people. If u own a inactive u can sell it still
  10. its cuz event reward also a small player can hire expenssive ally

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  15. Seriously, you are so wrong. I see you negatively as you aren't helping the thread progress.

    Anyways. I think the ally market has been manipulated by people with ALTs etc, looking to make quicker gold company to ebs.
  16. *compared to
  17. The main reason the inflation is high is because the player base is shrinking. If there was a constant influx in players, prices would even out right now there is a limited amount of accounts to buy. I guess a fix would be the devs create dummy accounts
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