what killed the Ally market?

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  1. Inflation is still high af.
  2. The people who dont buy my ally help kill the market
  3. Just because you don't know how to trade allies means the market is dead you nubstain
  4. Ahem…go back to page 3 and a few posts before yours 
  5. I'm high af
  6. welcome to forums ..lol

  7. Ally market still seems to be doing well. I have gotten hired 4 times today.
  8. Was noticing all my accts have been getting hired a lot more frequently lately.
  9. And this is what happens.......

    Bashing OP
    Bashing other players

    The good answers only come from those players who have reasoning skills and can stay on topic.

    The maturity level in Forums is around 15 yrs old and male.
  10. What happened was trains and crux chest. Make 50T in 2 hours. A normal Bc hitting lotl can make 1.5T to 2T a day. So with a blitz they make almost 3 weeks worth of gold.

    That's what made everything irrelevant, ebs, osw, activity, ally market. But devs make about 40$ a person each 47 train. So how could they stop this without hurting their revenue.
  11. 3 years ago if i was training a new player to kaw i would tell them activity is important and actively hitting ebs was priority. Now i feel ashamed to ask if they are willing to drop some cash to a game they have no idea about.

    But i ask because its the only way they can go anywhere in the game. Which is wrong. Game should be based on activity, strategy and some form of skill. It should not be based on how many trains can you do a week, or how much hte you hit a day.

    Although things have gone down in the latest years. I do feel recently the last couple months things have been getting better since the new changes the dev team have been doing.
  12. I used to be able to buy allies easily, until something inflated it massively. I forget what it was but there used to be plenty of allies that went for cheap prices. You used to be able to keep an ally under 1m for over a day
  13. I think those days a long gone. Considering the size of everyone now you people should focus on growth if you want to be effective in the ally market
  14. Ally market is not dead... Sold over 90tril in allies today. Just pick good ones.
  15. [​IMG]

    What that guy above me just said ..lol

    ...thas just today, so far.
  16. The biggest damper has been people who get their butts chapped when someone hires their ally. I think that's a big part of why allies are overpriced. You pretty much have to keep your allies overpriced if you don't want them hired.

  17. Funny how the BCs comment on threads like this everytime like "things are fine"....sure the ally market is fine if your making 100 tril a day or whatever you monsters make lol
  18. Well honestly markets are going to work best for large players. Small players should be growing and if they want to invest in allies they need to to shop wisely in order to make a profit. The main difference between small and large players is we can afford to make a mistake and buy a "bad" ally, a small player can't.
  19. Nah, it isnt dead. Its now just reserved for an exclusive group of kawers.

    Before events became routine and new lands increased peoples rate of gold earnings i was doing pretty well in the ally market.

    Being a small account and in osw pretty regularly i made it up to the top 1k in allies. Nothing super special about that, but i definitely could see what was changing and that i wouldn't be able to continue to be profitable in the ally market unless i started spending way more on kaw.

    And the comment earlier about the ally market being similar to a real stock market, no, its not.

    Our market never goes down for starters. It only goes up and sellable ally prices skyrocket out of the range of smaller builds.