what is your favorite song.

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  1. Slayer in general.....Angel of Death or raining blood
  2. Let It Happen by Tame Impala.
    All seven minutes of it.

  3. Why do you even care? complaining about other peoples musical taste? your life must be sad. If i said "Until it sleeps" you would probably stone me, eh?
  4. lol  ..after hearing Baby Blue from Breaking Bad I did interweb research on Bad Finger. Cool band with a tragic Shakespearian ending. Song was perfect for the series finale. Not even close to my fav song but could be my fav song from a TV show. If you're not familiar with the other band's music or history check em' out they were pretty cool.
  5. Yeah I prob would lol ..you gigantic "POSEUR" because Sandman is one of their worst songs ever. It was their top 40 sellout song. It would be like saying your fav Van Halen song was Dancing in The Streets or your fav Bowie song was Let's Dance or Love and Rockets; No New Tale to Tell.
  6. "Little Einsteins theme song"
  7. ...when I think of Metallica I like to think of them in their early years BEFORE they soldout. When they paved the way for other bands like Pantera and Anthrax and others. It figures you would name Sandman since you also named a GnR song  lol Anything after "And Justice For All" wasnt as good ...any true Metallica fan knows this
  8. There's a special place in hell for you people.
  9. Here by alessa describes me too
  10. Jaymes Young - Habits of my heart.
  11. tz noted
  12. " i aint got time " by M.O
  13. You're pathetic dude. You can't accept it if other people have a different taste in music? I'm so sorry, please forgive me but i like Load/Reload. I could have named idk Battery, The thing that should not be, Sanatarium, One, Ride the lightning or whatever would have made you happy but i listened to stuff like The Unforgiven, Until it sleeps, Enter Sandman a lot more cause i like it better. If you're gonna judge me cause of that, you seriously need to get a life.

    Oh and the Black Album and S&M are quite popular from what i have heard of the "hurr durr true metallics fan hurr durr"-people.
  14. Since no one else said it Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
  15. Lol I'm going to say since I'm old school f the police by nwa cop.kill by body count I a few others but can't think of it ?
  16. Destiny child- say my name (Cyril han remix)
    Drake- the motion (Sàngo remix)
  17. Other man by Jimi Charles Moody
    I'll be there by Hollywood Undead
    Under Pressure by Logic
  18. Iris - The Goo goo dolls
  19. Opinions-Packy. By far.