what is your favorite song.

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  1. Mine is oops I did it again
  2. Probably what you thought when you posted this thread. 

    Anyway, mine is probably SAVE the World from the Undertale Soundtrack.
  3. oh you're back.
  4. i thought you were forum banned ?
  5. In the flesh. DoD resurrected me from the world of procrastination.
  6. And I was never forum banned :lol:
  7. Torn between "rules of nature" from the MGSR soundtrack. Or Du Hast by Rammstein.
  8. A song written about me...right said fred's ...im too sexy.
  9. The Nightman cometh
  10. ...missed you meg, did you get banned from pimd again?
  11. Thug luv or natoriose thugs
  12. Du Hast. How original. But at any rate, few people get that its a play on wedding vows because have and hate are so very closely spelled,which in itself, is brilliant. But I think they had better.
    And then after the first two albums, their sound became very commercialized, as if they were assuming what fans wanted, instead of writing for themselves.
  13. "Ziggy Stardust" -David Bowie

    (also my favorite album)
  14. SSIO - Nullkommaneun and Metallica - Enter Sandman

    Oh and Knocking on heavens door by Guns'n'Roses
  15. Hello-Adele
    Guardian-alanis morisette
    private dancer-tina turner
  16. If you're gonna name a Metallica song ...really, Sandman?

    ...maybe Seek & Destroy or Breadfan, something off Master of Puppets ...Sandman? seriously?
  17. Hmm. No favorite, but basically anything DragonForce.
  18. "Baby blue" by bad finger. Or "the end" by the DOORS. (Yes I'm old)