What is the best build for farming plunder?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by IIFlameII, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. I am trying to get the maximum plunder from ebs. Ive been trying a mainly spy hybrid build but only getting about 40 mil. My max plunder from allies currently is over 1 bil. Is there anyway I could get closer to it by changing builds? What build is best? I have 47 lands including highland and the frost one.
  2. Equipment maybe? I don't think just your hairy legs are cutting it..js.
  3. Your max plunder bonus is determined by your buildings. Spy buildings have the highest potential. The plunder bonus listed on an ally's profile is the amount that it can contribute to your plunder, UP TO the cap determined by buildings.

    I.e. buildings determine max plunder, allies are what give you that plunder when hitting.

    Does that help clear it up?
  4. I would say ask kotfe but there more of an eb build. Regulators too.
  5. PS1 makes the most gold (1 troop building, rest spies)
  6. Hansels (I guess we call them PS1 now) do indeed make the highest Plunder. 1 balanced troop building for the extra hits from 100% troops, rest spy buildings. Be fully aware you'll get eaten alive in PvP though.