What is Max Plunder???

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  1. Thx so much
  2. This is a subject that I thought needed to be addressed and hopefully clears up wc a little.
  3. Great post, thanks! How would I tell which buildings increase the max plunder cap most?
  4. Great guide
  5. Well, this certaintly helps me a lot. Thank you.
  6. very useful! xD
  7. Thx very much for the advice
  8. Nice explanation but try this rule of thumb Maintain ally Value equal to your next land up to 20B It's that simple no matter what spin you give it
  9. Great..juz wanna check..if i change half my guilt to sos, will it hurt my plunder
  10. I think why people say "Buy my Allie! I need UG!" Is because they either figured they want a cheaper one because they volleyed higher than what they needed for MP so they want to swap on out for a cheaper one so they can use excess cash to UG.
  11. buying and selling active allies is profitible and it 5.5k Xs your cs. duh 
  12. Sometimes I sell allies for money to buy better ones
  13. There's nothing wrong with that it's a great way to earn money