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  1. Maximum Plunder: A Basic Guide
    Over the time I have been playing KaW, I have seen numerous kingdoms attempting to sell all of their allies off in order to upgrade or buy a new land. This is a prevalent issue that I feel needs to be addressed. We all see the constant world chat ads to “Buy My Allies”. So, I asked myself: Why? The conclusion I came to was that there must be a need for an informative guide on the importance of having allies. Therefore, I decided to put together this little thread to help guide people in the way of Max Plunder

    What is Max Plunder?

    First, there are two types of plunder that each player receives when they attack a target. (This does not include spy actions; ie- steal, assassinate, scout). The first type is just called Plunder. It is based solely on the buildings that you have (i.e.- the number of buildings and the type of building). The second type of plunder is called “Allies bonus” (please see the second screen shot below for further clarification). You ally bonus is based on two things (basically- let’s not go too in depth): 1.) Each building that you have has a maximum ally plunder cap. This means that each building has a different amount of gold in allies to reach the maximum plunder cap for that building. 2.) Each ally that you have (statistics do NOT matter when it comes to ally bonus) adds to the amount of gold that you make from “Ally bonus” when you attack a target. *Both 1.) and 2.) are directly related to one another.

    Plunder is calculated by the total amount you have in allies the more you have the more you are going to earn.
    But- hold on- this doesn't mean you can earn an exponential amount of gold per hit! There's a cap to each level that’s governed by the amount of buildings you have and what type ( as stated above). This is called “ally plunder cap”. For example, my make-believe build has an ally plunder cap of 15 billion. No matter how much gold I have in allies, I will never make more in Allies bonus once I hit my max plunder.
    *Note: You will see different allies bonus if you hit a different target, as the strength of your build and the strength of your target’s build is also a factor, but unimportant to this basic guide.

    Starting out as a small build!

    Savour those allies! You need them- trust me. You may think that by selling your allies you can grow quicker. However, in the end you are just shooting yourself in the (metaphorical) foot.
    Let me explain: First, by having allies, you increase the amount of plunder you earn when attacking (you don't receive ally plunder when performing spy actions) but you also get a small stat increase to your overall stats. 2% of the Bonus From Allies applies to your actual (raw) stats.

    To find your bonus from allies, you will want to click on the profile icon (if on idevice or android) or click on your username at the top left of your screen (if on pc).
    This picture shows where to find your bonus from allies:


    Ok so here we go: Max Plunder what is it?

    So when u attack a kingdom/EB you get a window come up showing you your plunder earned


    As you can see from this image the player has earned NOTHING from his allies because he has none!


    Now the above kingdom has reached max plunder. You can see that the successful window shows that not only do they earn plunder but Allies Bonus as well.

    Now here is the key to growing

    Every time you buy a new land and place a building on it, upgrade an existing building or sell an ally you should check your plunder.

    How do I do this? – you may ask. Well, here is a sure-fire method of testing whether or not you are at max ally plunder.
    1.) Choose a target. It is important that you choose the same target to attack for both of these tests. Here are some suggestions: an epic battle monster (be sure that you are able to attack the eb monster at the same stage of the epic), a friend’s kingdom, a snuggie (i.e.: the new name for the antiquated OSF).
    2.) Take note of the plunder you receive from your “Allies Bonus”
    3.) Now go buy a cheap ally and hit the same target again.
    4.) Check the plunder you get from your “Allies Bonus”. If this number increases- then you are not at MP (max plunder). This means that you need to buy more allies. If the number remains the same, then Congratulations! You are at MP!!! Once your plunder from allies (i.e.: “Allies Bonus”) stops increasing you have reached your maximum for the level you are at.

    Don't forget that each time you upgrade or sell an ally; you need to check it again!

    Thats the basics covered hope you find it helps!! :)
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