What is furniture really worth?

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  1. Very good question I think we should have a discussion about it and try to inform the Community. If i called your grandmother and talked her out of her retirement money she would say I scammed her wouldn't you. Or was it her own d*** fault because she didn't know any better
  2. I wanna know what you value stats or the price of nobility for that furniture
  3. Probably worth about 100k to greedy devs
  4. Lmao did you scam someone or get scammed out of furniture/charms?
  5. It's a subjective matter what it's worth to 1 person or a few doesn't equate the same value to another person or set of people.
  6. Stats are stats if you have 20 mil in furniture it’s really just worth 20 mil in charms. Now the inflation of certain items is due to rarity and or demand. If some people need that last charm for a set or a that last piece of furniture then they will pay up. As I see it right now furniture will bring more cs in charms otherwise everyone would just dismantle furnishings or keep them and there wouldn’t be much of a market for them. Prices for everything are all over the place right now so you have to go with the deal you can live with.
  7. Worth exact same as charms...you would be stupid to pay more than equal stats
  8. It is definitely not worth the spam it created 
  9. Locking for bypass in OP. Please avoid using asterisks to show context of the prohibited word

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.