What Is College Really Like?

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  1. Study and do your work on time. Study some every day and don't get behind. You have a lot more time out of classes than high school so that means more time that you need to study. Teachers don't beat the material into your head like high school. Also make sure to have fun sometimes. Being miserable can have huge negative consequences as well.
  2. Well for a serious reply....... First and foremost though college plays a huge role in our path towards the jungle called life, in my opinion, you yourself and your attitude plays a bigger role. College might be intimidating, but believe me when i say that the real world is more unforgiving. College is not scary at all taken from a point of view of someone who went through it. As i always tell friends and acquaintance alike, one can never be fully prepared, only prepared enough. So gather your courage and do crazy things when in college. You pass through it only once. Do a keg stand like what was said on the first page or dance with your mates. Go For It!!!! Good luck and have fun
  3. College expensive. Don't go if you're not serious about it.
  4. Im not bothering with college waste of time and money
  5. Invest in pepper spray. girls are sexually assaulted on college campuses. Also maybe look into a concealed carry. If the pepper spray doesn't slow em down a .45 will.
  6. I'm a current college student, and I'd say most girls who claim to be sexually assaulted are just girls who got really drunk and didn't pay attention to who they were getting it on with. They then woke up the next day and said to themselves, "oh hey, this dude is really ugly. I better just say he raped me so I can keep my pride."

    If you don't want to wake up next to a stranger, don't get drunk and go out partying.

    When I was in high school, I used to think most girls weren't giving it out. I come here and all of the sudden it's like I'm the only person still waiting till marriage.
  7. ^ wow... That's crazy. Note taken.
  8. Yay, class of 2015! And the end of KaW for the most part :(
  9. Based on my experience, high school did not really prepare me for college. i took AP classes and didnt study much and still did very well, but when i did get to college my biggest pitfall was time management to study. You will have ample time to do whatever you want, even with full time and that is where the danger lies. i had to "re-learn" how to properly study. i was fortunate that there were workshops on how to properly study. So what i am trying to say is that if you need to improve your studying habits, work on it asap.

    Its not really "scary" just a shock to feel the big difference.
    I am about to finish my Bio major with chem and the best classes i had was Senior seminar, biochemistry and independent research. i can safely say ive probably taken about half of the biology and chemistry catalog over my years. but again im not the typical 4 year degree. i would recommend taking only 12-14 credit hours as your first semester. if u csn handle it, bump it up to 16-18. i wish i could of taken more per semester but i am a caretaker since middle school.
  10. continuing on, it can be alot of partying and drinking. i can say that u can enjoy a bit of it as a freshman and maybe a sophmore but once you start taking the 3xx -5xx course levels, dont think about it. you will need to keep up. even missing a class or 2 will set you back really far.
    i want to say this to all majors, but to especially biology and chemistry majors, seriously consider independent research with a falculty member. To me, nothing is more impressive than seeing on your resume for grad school that you have had actual wet lab experience and having those professors write through letters of recommendation.
    To date, i have done three independent research courses in entomology, botany and genetics. you will learn so much than in a typical classroom setting. they dont place as much of a weight on whether your hypothesis was correct or not, but rather you developing proper techniques such as running gels and keeping a detailed notebook. I dont recommend this right now since it did take up most of my free time but do consider this later on. enjoy college, i sure did.
  11. I personally do not care for college.
    My father works at a university and im there constantly. and from what i can tell is its much more relaxed then high school you have more freedom. alot of the students are more mature now that they are done with highschool.

    Just dont leave ur drink unattended at partys and dont do anything you wouldnt wanna explain to the paramedics.

    Also before you start classes get a good lay out of the land so you dont get lost getting to every class.

    Good luck :)
  12. As long as you've picked something which will drive you're passion to a career it's all good I meet graduates all the time with general BA's which I call attendance diplomas They assume they deserve a big position, but frankly they have wasted their time
    College and University is grow up time Don't pick programs cause friends did Build a foundation on what you want to do
  13. In response to all the party and drugs and booze and what not one class I recommend is drug use and abuse if you really want proper information regarding all of them. Irregardkess of what people say being properly informed will be better than just living it up and finding out that you have done irreparable harm to yourself. For the record I do drink and I drink a variety of things but after what I have learned in class I am working my way to not drinking. Sober parties are better and you definitely have more fun and better memories than you do when drinking. My first round of college I partied it up and I regret that decision because I lost out on a good career due to low GPA and now I am back in college and not partying it up because I want a good career I like instead of going through a variety of jobs that I don't like or really wanna do. All in all though it is your decision on what you want and what you are willing to do too get where you wanna be in your life. Have fun and enjoy every day :)
  14. College is a LOT of hard work. Do not procrastinate, it's going to suck at first, but it will get better. You'll make friends slowly, go out more often, have the time of your life, and you're going to have a LOT of ups and downs.. But it will be fun lol
  15. I'm in Japan so it might be a bit different from America but
    1. I commute from home but there are a lot of ppl from different prefectures and they live by themselves
    2. Some ppl drink every day but they're a minority I just do what I like: weight lifting
    3. Exams are hard Have to study a lot
    4. You can study what you want though Not like high school where everybody learns the same thing

    I think you should just try to enjoy college
    You can learn what you want, join whatever group you want
    Just don't do drugs or drink too much or let your grades go down too much

    Good luck :)
  16. For quick and easy spending money find a place like BioLife that you can donate plasma.

    Learn to cook and prepare your own meals using a microwave, coffee maker, and/or hot plate.

    Because you are new and most people won't know you or have ever heard of you, step out o your comfort zone and join different groups throughout your first weeks. You will easily make friends with a smile and simple caring conversation.

    Join a club or sport. Maybe their is a group that relates to your hopeful future career.

    Don't forget to study. Those pop quizzes can really suck.

    Stop into KaW or FB or someplace and unload or vent for a moment. An outlet is gear during stressful times.

    I wish you the best!
  17. Have fun, study hard, if you drink, be responsible and always have more than 1 way to get back home. Either trusted sober friends or cab fair.

    And honestly, i had more fun doing other things than drinking when I went. (Didn't get that into alcohol until 2012) Car rides, going to the beach, headed to amusement parks, hiking, sports, boating. Loads of things out there in life.

    Find a job also so you will have work experience leaving college.

    Study first and be creative with having fun, get a job and live life.