What Is College Really Like?

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  1. It is legal to drink at the minimal age of 4, off licence of cause. With parent supervision.

    But anyways started my fun drinking habit at 16 :D

    Point is if you don't have a set path you wanna follow as in what you wanna be then college / uni isn't worth it.

    Also it's best to find out if you do need to go to uni for a particular job, you'll find that it can be just as hard to obtain it than people who didn't go to uni.

    Can tell you there is a great deal of graduates serving my KFC meal because they couldn't get a job they wanted or they didn't research if the qualification is needed. If you know you need it and a company will take you on right after the graduation then go for it.

    Otherwise you're spending for the most expensive piss up money can afford.
  2. I would start off with it is basically high school 2. Uni is a bit more professional and less bull is accepted* though.

    ◇Is it scary? just as scary as your first day at high school so a little but it goes away fast
    ◇How did you cope with the nervousness?i'm the ****. lol jk i just focused on my studies. it really hits you when you are paying for school how important it is
    ◇Did you move far away? not really. And do you miss home a lot? nope, not even for a minute. Was it worth it to move away from home? yes
    ◇Do you like the school you picked? there was probably better but it was alright
    ◇Is it really like we see on TV? maybe if you're in a sorority or frat but that's not really important. Hot drunk chicks and keg parties? was doing that in high school. study study study.
  3. The colleges here in my country are all about studying, especially the really good ones. There will be little to no social life here when everyone is striving for a GPA of 4.0/4.0.
  4. I do PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) which basically means I do college classes as a high schooler (for free :D )
    Anyways, college is not that scary. You can make some really great friends there and as long as you work hard theres nothin to be nervous about. Basically, you get to be on your own!! Now the college i go to is a community college so it doesn't have dorms so I still come home after class. But I am not at all nervous for college. I'm super excited! How could you not be exited to start your life??
  5. Oh, an roommates are everything. If you have a bad roommate request a switch immediately. My older sister went to college and had a horrible roommate and it was not pretty. Luckily, me and my friend are going to the same college and we get to room together :D
  6. Collage is sTupidd.

    U don need 2 go to collage: just a waist of money if u axe my openioin

  7. Oh and one other thing you will have to deal with the college culture vs. Outside culture. Which as you may already see life is against college culture. It can be a laboring process but it just goes hand in hand with good time management.

    And once you get your degree its something that no one can take away from you. It is a true achievement so strive high and you will be fine.

    Sweet Tea
  8. College is necessary for some jobs. Such as being an engineer. That is what I'm doing anyways.
  9. Hi princess. Im starting college in next january, and no, i dont feel nervous, i feel excited ;P. Ima be 18, but who cares right ;P.
    U dont have to do anything special, the secret is to find a balance between study time and"everything-else time".
    College can be very funny, but u dont have to forget why u r there, cause after all thise years, the only thing that will last will be your degree.

    Stay focused.

  10. One big thing if you're going to a university, join a club, fraternity or sorority. You'll meet some amazing people or some with similar interests so making friends is that much easier :)
    As a heads up, Kappa Sigma rules ;)
  11. I'm a freshmen right now and I thought it would be easier than it is. I moved an hour and a half away from my house to my 3rd choice school and so far I've already dropped 1 class, which can set you back a whole semester, I am now planning to take a summer session to make sure I don't fall behind in my nursing degree. It is scary, but I keep to myself and no one bothers me and my roommate is one of my high school friends but sometimes I hate her when she gets messy. But other than all that college is really what you make of it and you really do have to make sure you complete all assignments and don't miss class even if you're tired!! Work hard and ask help whenever you need it. They have tutors every where. Most stuff is online, like my math is online and it gets annoying. Just try your best to keep your grades up. And remember that it's your future that you're either helping or hurting. And partying is not all that, remember your priorities.
  12. I'm currently a sophomore in college, and it just depends on the major and career choice you choose. I'm a biology major, so the science classes at my college are brutal. It basically comes down to how well you study, no one is telling you or making you do your work. Don't get behind or the rest of the class won't make sense. Most classes I am in are buildup classes so if you don't get the starting material you are lost from then on.
  13. You can drink beer at age 16 in Switzerland.
  14. This is my 3rd year of college. I went to a local school so I didn't have to move far away. It's honestly not that much different than high school, except you'll be an adult and you'll have much more freedom. I was super nervous the first day but college is great! I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to when I started school, but I ended up changing my major and now I'll graduate a year later. But don't be afraid to switch majors. You would rather find out you wanna do something else and be set back a little bit than be stuck in a career you don't enjoy right? ️ good luck, PB! And really enjoy the rest of your senior year because it goes by wayyyy too fast!
  15. don't make too high of expectations, its like high school on a much bigger scale where drinking is actually legal.
  16. And don't let these people pressure you! I'm 20 years old, I've never drank and I have plenty of fun with my college friends  lmao
  17. Lol thank you everyone. This, all these replies, helps a lot.
  18. College is where you take your dreams and desires to and transform them into bad decisions, procrastination, and debt.
  19. If you say no to alcohol then you just transform your dreams and desires into debt.
  20. You learn a lot about crabs and hangovers