What Is College Really Like?

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  1. Beer+college=cool...is what I think yeah? But I don't want to drink. So...
  2. I don't plan on drinking till I'm 25+ and wine only lol no worries.
  3. Well here are some tips: 1. DO NOT accept drinks unless you know EXACTLY what's in it 2. Study just as hard as you Party 3. Be as friendly as possible 4. And have fun!
  4. I do agree that you should "party" just go out with friends. Something to relieve stress from homework.
  5. I already have bad memory so I have nothing to lose, and bacon 
  6. If you used a emoji, I can't see it.
  7. You can lose your liver role play.
  8. Don't plan on drinking til 25? You must be drunk
  9. Try to pick classes that you will enjoy while not always possible it makes studying a lot easier if you are intetested in the subject.
  10. I don't care north, with my terrible memory life isn't a walk in the park so it doesn't matter :|
  11. Not interested in drinking and wine is healthy.
  12. Do ya even party bro?
  13. And all these people telling yah not to do drugs are.. Dumbos. Just gotta do the right drugs
  14. I wanna ask what drugs but...no....
  15. Realboy I said public places. With a little common sense you can brainstorm public places like restaurants and bars that are public and a legal place to drink alcohol if you are of age.

    Math is a beautiful subject. It brings out your inner logic :)
  16. Don't burn the popcorn in the microwave
    Don't trust the guy that says "Trust Me"
    Do participate in as many events as possible
    Do meet new people from all over the world
  17. Drugs drugs beer more beer and drugs.
  18. Drink drinks especially if you dont know whats in it
  19. In my opinion, college isn't really scary. It's not like the movies..well the one I attend to isn't like the movies. Most of the craziness on campus are during homecoming week and whatever upcoming events. I'm in my 3rd year at a university and probably won't graduate until a couple more years. I regret the beginning years of college because I slacked around. I screwed up my gpa and any chance of getting scholarships. Word of advice, if you want to have fun..have fun, just make sure you deal with your school work and studies before anything. Make your classes be your number one priority. Be organized and focus in class. Keep your phone or any distracting device in your bag. College is not like high school. There aren't teachers there that will keep reminding you of assignments that are due, miss an assignment? Good luck with getting the professor to take in late work. Some will take it but will also take points off. I learned that if you want to pass your classes then you must listen to your professor at all times during class times. Focus on the lectures, take lots of notes, and of course...study the material. Oh , one more thing try to be in class at all times and be on time. Attendance is important, some professors don't care about attendance but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. I wish I can start over but I can't. But what I can do is try hard and focus on school and pass all my classes to get me back at the top. Other than class being expensive..books are expensive!! If you have any other questions or need anything else feel free to follow me and I'll be glad to help  Good luck!