What Is College Really Like?

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  1. College is a series of black outs and good/bad decisions all while pretending to be mature.
  2. Yes Trojan... :s drinking age here is 21.
  3. You don't need to be 21 to drink. You just can't drink in public places or in front of cops until you are 21.
  4. Omg what's the BBcode...
  5. Oh.. Okay.. Beer is still nasty so...
  6. Why do you call it college?
    If it's a university?
  7. They are the same.
  8. Same here and the first time I drank was 15..
  9. In Germany you can drink at the age of 16 lol
  10. Well Murica!
  11. Have you ever partied in high school?
  12. No Trojan. I don't go to "those" parties...not one of the "cool kids"
  13. I've heard that college is not too hard and can be a lot of fun. I guess it depends where you go or what you do. I don't have much to do to this. I decided not to go to college and to join the military. Leaving for navy bootcamp on december
  14. You guys are saying it like alcohol is cool, All of it tastes like ****. You don't need to put **** in your body to have a good time *Don't do drugs either kids*. Underaged drinking is still enforced infamous, btw the consumption of alcohol is illegal at any age.
  15. Consumption of alcohol in public is illegal at any age* my bad I accidentally missed that part.
  16. Good luck Bobcat. Thank you for your future service :)
  17. Not in Germany 
  18. Princess don't listen to all these people about drinking. Don't drink ️ keep your head on straight. Drinking makes you forget and not act like yourself. It's overrated. You can have more fun without alcohol.