What Is College Really Like?

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  1. AJ :lol:

    Ehh I'm a shy awkward turtle outside of kaw and group of friends. Being myself might not... Idk.
  2. When you go away to school all you need is those microwaveable noodles and a pack of white t-shirts
  3. I'm the way I act online.

  4. Not - Pizza errr night
  5. If you picked a local college you could possibly know more people maybe which could make it easier?
  6. I guess. Depends which of my choices takes me I guess it comes down to. @rp
    One down the street
    One states away
  7. Definitely gonna try to eat healthy :lol: no pizza errry night AJ. So use to relying on my mama for everything... :cry:
  8. It's more about the journey than the destination, you basically choose how YOU live your college life. You have the choice to go out partying all night and risking the chance of getting arrested/kicked out of the uni , or you want to be lazy and to not study/do well while wasting your money, or maybe you actually want to learn something and to study would Greatly improve your success. Unless it's a community college your parents probably won't be breathing down your neck while you're busy. College is overrated yet it's necessary in this day and age. It's basically a private highschool with the ability to have a specific major that you'll eventually be working in.
  9. I'm assuming your not in college yet/ already paid for it. Write essays to your local companies asking for scholarship money. Just do it regardless of how much if any they send you is less you or your parents will have to pay In the long run. The road to getting accepted into college/getting out of college is more stressful than actually attending one imo
  10. Some people aren't lazy but stupid :lol:
  11. Have fun in college!!
  12. RealBoy...thank you. Big help really.
  13. Student loans, procrastination, essays, and such.
  14. :lol: ashes! That's how its gonna be :lol:
  15. Don't go too hardcore and try to savor your cash and get what you can to get by to ensure you eat every night. If you have the extra cash go have some fun. I know most colleges always have a party every day of the week so it doesn't matter if you have free time on weekdays or weekends because there will always be some parties. If you are not into parties and don't want to follow Ashes currupt guide, then just look for people with similar interests because they will be likely be shy too. All freshman are looking for friends so approach anyone you feel like you can get along with and enjoy your time. But, if you haven't partied now is your time to shine. You can have a lot of fun and probably some of the most fun you will ever have at college so enjoy it and don't let people take advantage of you unless you enjoy that too. If you do go out party you can have fun while being responsible. If you have spare time and an important class the next morning just go have a few drinks go home at a decent time and you will probably sleep well. The night before your day off is when you get reckless. Don't get reckless the day before class if you are actually trying to do extremely good in college.

    All in all don't get overwhelmed. Everyone is looking to make friends and have a good time. You can still have fun and even get reckless while maintaining a good GPA as long as you are responsible.
  16. Thanks Lone

    Essays are something I hate so much...ugh. Can't escape them lol
  17. Infamous :) thank you. I will take all this advice and roll it around my head. All except ashes.
  18. I'm a sophomore right now. Find a balance between social and academics. Sometimes its nice just to take a break from school work.
  19. Did u seriously say you can't drink because you're 17 :lol: :lol: