What Is College Really Like?

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  1. College

    So being a senior in high school college is right around the corner and due dates are even closer. I've already made my choices of colleges to apply to and am super nervous about college even though its still a little bit away. To tell the truth..I'm scared as ****..

    So kawmunnity, today I'm asking y'all what college is really truly like. I know no one in college around where I live and I love y'all and hearing what y'all got to say. Sometimes you need to hear things from friends and not terrible school councillors.
    My questions:
    ◇Is it scary?
    ◇How did you cope with the nervousness?
    ◇Did you move far away? And do you miss home a lot? Was it worth it to move away from home?
    ◇Do you like the school you picked?
    ◇Is it really like we see on TV? Hot drunk chicks and keg parties?

    Really these questions are targeted for players in college currently. I think people like me will benefit from this thread also.

    GO CLASS OF 2015 WOOOOO!!!
  2. I did a guide to college thread in 2012 (I won't go into what happened to it)..

    If you must do one thing.. And one thing only well in college, it is this..

    Wait for it...

    KEG STANDS!!!!!!
  3. Don't exactly know what a keg stand is...
  4. Ashes is the best...
  5. Okay guys stop following me. Just reply on thread...
  6. 

    I'm interested in knowing how many guys followed you
  7. Social Studies 101 Quiz:

    Which of the following will get you wasted the fastest?

    A) Beer Bong
    B) Beer Pong
    C) Beer Grenade
    D) Keg Stand
    E) Body Shots
  8. College will be just like highschool. Whatever you make of it.
  9. 3

    Umm... Beer grenade? Idk what that is but sounds dangerous.
  10. Princess.. That quiz above has the secret to college...

    The answer is.. There is no wrong answer...

    THAT.. Is the secret to college.. Bacon Grasshopper..
  11. Ima be 17 in college can't drink anyway!!! :lol:
  12. And beer is nasty so...

    Really bishop? Thank god.
  13. I'm literally sitting here doing calculus with my all-chinese study group. After this we're all gonna go home and sleep at a nice wholesome time of 9:30pm
  14. Can't and shouldn't are different things... 

    If they're any cops around.. that doesn't I've ever done anything but follow both the letter and spirit of the law.. Promise. 
  15. Sounds really nice wolf :) love it
  16. You're going to Troy University? I have a friend there lol
  17. I'm applying there yes :) AWESOME! :D Does he like it??
  18. Yeah she's in business, she said it's pretty nice there, good luck with admissions!
  19. Thanks! Lol gonna need all the luck I can get.
  20. She* sorry o.o