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  1. And the legend of forums who is sadly missed saltyfeet
  2. Joe is just upset and bitter that he hasnt made no impact on kaw.He trys his hardest to be a hardcore troll.But he aint very good at it. And shifter hasnt contributed to forums lately .He writes alot of jibberish in worldchat. i dont even see what the " buzz " about him is. He aint even interesting to read.i challenged him to write something on forums to show what made him become the first forum president.But there is nothing there. Hi Penny
  3. Damn rone you got me, my only aim in life to to be famous on kaw just like you!
  4. You failed already lol
  5. Nice I'll read it in a bit
  6. You lost your glasses lol
  7. Hasn't made no impact
  8. Doesn't that mean that I have made an impact? Ya know, double negative.
  10. We all have choices Roni, and we all make mistakes. I started this game like 8 years ago when it game out and was arrogent and loud mouthed,now eight years later, I've grown quite a bit, and am moving towards two years with SE. One day you will find find a family that likes you for who you are, and when you find them,don't ever leave. SE gave me a chance and my leaders had faith in me that i could grow with them, had a few rough patches but now I'm relaxed and happily fight side by side with my brothers and sisters. Im sure you will find the clan for you one day, might take awhile but don't give up.
  11. Well said & within the game good on you jennifer .
  12. Yes no one else, including yourself. You'll probably be one of the most forgettable people from this thread.
  13. All I read was roni being kicked from every clan she joins 
  14. Me and Jenni are alot alike & impulsive .We charge in first then think about it later. Lucky i have found a good clan now that i have settled in after so much years of unrest ha.Penny has been rememerble to me for a few years. i used to get her muddled with ShineyPenny . i forget what clan i had been in with ShineyPenny but there's not many penny's on kaw .So the name stands out and unique.
  15. Penny Penny Penny.no need to repeat yourself roni we got it.you got a temper,been in "cool" clans and kicked alot.many been there but luckely not all have to make threads and keep crying about it.wish i was a baller a bit taller......
  16. Ohh look another jealous creep(Frank Proto ) who has not had the same level of success on kaw as i have.So he wants to insult instead of proving his worth to not feel intimidated that a baller like me has had a vivid and fun time on kaw.Dont hate and be jealous frank. i dont see my self as a baller .No, i dont talk that lingo. i have just did what i had to do to be a good friend and loyal to the clans that i admired and followed my gut instinct . Take what ever i write and interprite it however you like. But i dont think females can be ballers so think. i again. i never have been one to follow or copy anyone .You though are just another bandwagon jumper . You have said the same thing on all my threads lately. Yet never writing on anyone elses. Lol thats how i know i have made it .When i have got jealous people trying to find fault in every thing i do or say instead of getting their own non existant act together.
  17. Hate?thats a strong word.and how do you messure success on kaw?you say you got kicked and lost many friends because of you actions and deleted many times,is that success.and who cares what you do on here?is this your real life?so important for you what you achive on here,on a game?kinda sad that you think you are some kind of celeb on a game.majority on of us just play the game and talk to friends,hit ebs and grow.never heard anyone try to make fame or achive anything special.sound like lack of attention in rl,think i start to feel sry for you.now your "fans" can post how great you are and how much impact you done on their lifes lol.so i answer now: so sad so sad.and btw who is the hater?just look at what you answer.so so angry and upset with ppl that not like your posts and teen girl problems
  18. Frank proto the fail troll . He must be really upset everytime he sees me with new threads up or talking in w.c.Because this aint the first time he has wrote critisizing me. it is getting a habit for him .Why be so bothered and wound up about everything i write .if you are soo content in your world of hitting eb's , events and time spent chatting with clan friends. And if you observe and relize anything i do it will be i always add humour into all i write. This thread was looking back at my history good times and bad and laughing at myself. Sorry i dont be on kaw to suit you or fit into anybodys box of what is right and wrong . i just do things spur of the moment. You play the game your way and i will continue playing it my way. I really ahould write the thread i been thinking about for ages called :- Them,those and us.Because kaw isnt structured and set up just for you who wants to play kaw the straight & narrow way.Some like to add a little more oomphh into their game and play every aspect of kaw. And if you think this thread was bragging lol you should really rock my boat .Because if i wanted to brag i have lots of funny stories i could update you with. All i can say about you though is stagnant, stagnant , stagnant.
  19. Wow you are really something,now you do a 180.maybe you should check what you just wrote before.and you make it sound like i stalk you.wc? When have i ever talked to you in wc?and i comment on all you threads?try to keep it real,and what do you expect of ppl when you make threads and throw crap on others?nothing back?buhu buhu if you dont like me then you are a hater troll buhu buhu.
  20. Frank you trying to say this is the first thread of mine that you have written on trying to mock and critisize me ? i think you are lying.And thankyou for boosting me up into a star because i dont think i am. i just like to joke and have fun and talk.Stars are those on L.B .But the way you fixated on me and making sure you are on all my threads insulting me.Does seem a bit odd .if i aint your type of friend then go chat with those who you do connect with. To each their own ,its not like i am going to change because you think your superiority and maturity is how everybody should be. i prefer making memorys rather than do the norm and life pass you by . Any more lectures frank ?