What Hurts More: Childbirth Or Getting Kicked In The Balls?

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  1.  pretty good answer right there
  2. Breaking up hurts more.
  3. Only if you're drake or Taylor swift
  4. I like my nuts under strenuous pain with high heels and some latex. Mmmm
  5. You tell me op

    Atk 2/2/1
  6. Balls hurts way more, one kick there with high heels and ur done for the day
  7. Lmfao
  8. Okay:

    Childbirth is by far worse. Yes, the women's muscle make up and nervous system was made to have children, but that doesn't mean the pain is any less. Women may be built to have children, but they can only barely handle it.
  9. Also OP 5/5 attack

    I like how you used a pic from ASAP science. Plus 1 for originality.
  10. The real question is. Does blue balls hurt more then birth :0
  11. Blue balls isn't that bad. It is uncomfortable, but not as bad as being kicked in the balls.
  12. "Giving birth is like taking your lower lip and stretching it over your head". ...Carol Burnett
    Face it, if men had to give birth, humans wouldn't exist.
  13. This post made me laugh hard 
  14. I honestly think that getting kicked in the balls hurts more then giving birth would. Like. The testis are tender sensitive balls.. They're a sperm factory. Imagine getting sacked and those little defencless balls get smushed against you. This happens 15-20 times. It starts to take long term damage. Also if you get kicked hard enough it can make even the manliest of men cry like baby's. There for balls would hurt the most. As well it doesn't only last a while. It can last up to hours. From my experiences :')
  15. I'm not a woman, so I don't know what it would feel like, but I would say childbirth. I've gotten hit in the balls before... Hard, wasn't pleasant. Have to be a masochist to enjoy something like that. But from what I've heard, childbirth has got to be more agonizing.

    A kick in the nuts is swift, childbirth can take hours.
  16. Stupid, childbirth without a doubt.
  17. U don't need epidural after getting kicked in the nuts. Retards. Lol
  19. Some instances woman don't even get an epidural. There's no time. Happened to my sister. My nephew wanted out. And boy did he want out!
  20. Balls. Tron is a stud btw.