What Hurts More: Childbirth Or Getting Kicked In The Balls?

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  1. Del units don't exist. :lol:
  2. I was there for the births of my children, it didn't hurt at all tbh. Have also been kicked in the balls, that did hurt a lot. I'm gonna go with kicked in the balls hurts more.
  3. How bout getting kicked in the balls while giving birth 
  4. If you get kicked in the balls hard enough they can go up into your stomach requiring surgery to move them back down again. This would result in time off work.
  5. Actually, maternity leave is really just for looking after your newborn.
  6. Getting kicked in the balls
  7. This should be stickied...
  8. I say ball kicks on the grounds that's against there design lol which by default makes it an island in the pain area kinda like chicks an child birth nothing really can compare
  9. The question is "which is more painful" not "which has the worst consequences"
  10. I don't think adding things like 'cut by a knife', adds to the comparison. In that case we could say having your balls slowly crushed as an added pain for males. It's better if you just stick to generic childbirth or generic ball kicking and forget other factors
  11. Being kicked in the balls, women are genetically made to have kids while we aren't made to be kicked in the balls.
  12. It depends. If a woman bear a big child it would be very hurtful but if she bear a smaller child, it was hurtful that not too much. If a woman bear more than one child, it hurts more than before.

    If your bal_ are hitted very strong, it will be very hurtful but if it was hitten not too strong as what you have expected, it wasn't very hurtful. It just depends I guess....
  13. Kicked in the balls for sure
  14. I don't think anyone here has ever seen/experienced child birth
  15. Kicked in the balls def worse
  17. Voting and keeping count is useless. Many men will say getting kicked in the balls, because they aren't women. Whilst, many women will say giving birth because they are women. Neither gender will experience the other and therefore cannot vote.

    Just my two cents.
  18. Women can die in childbirth. Men don't die from a kick in the balls. Hmmmmm I go with child birth. If you were comparing it to pancarditis then I might go with pancarditis.
  19. My opinion is that you would have to experienced both to truly know for sure, and seeing as that is at the moment impossible...I don't think we will ever know.

    If I had to guess I'd say childbirth.

    Also, I have heard male UTIs are extremely painful... So, I'd compare childbirth more closely to that :)
  20. Derailing thread since Eagle felt it appropriate to lock a thread that was thoughtful:

    'The medium is the message'

    I don't get why style translates into substance there are thoughtful posts here and it's odd that one must make things flashy and cheap to get it past mods.