What have we become?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by September, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Note: I'm in OSW against APOC

    These past few days without an event or Legend have been fantastic. I received non stop incoming from Spartan Hit Squad. They even attempted to strip me 3 times within 78 hours! Hell yeah. Mad respect.

    Then it immediately stopped. Not a single incoming from them. And I can't blame them. Legends give you so much more than pvp. Silver bars, building tokens, and okay equipment you could use to grow stronger than your opponent. But the downtime between Legends is so small.

    I know this has all been said before and nothing will ever fix this problem.

    I remember when PWARs started and thought that was lame. But these Legends are just ridiculous.

    I'm going to keep hitting APOC even though it seems to be pointless. But OSW is what I find fun.

    All I ask is that everyone in this OSW of ours.. try a little harder. At least give me a few bars every once and awhile. Strip me. Make me want to quit.

    Your clans used to be feared. They used to have the respect of KaW. They were legends. Fight for your history. For what those before you fought for.

    Bring it.
  2. Am a eb fairy but even I hear way less about apoc than I used to couple yrs ago all about sucker punch now
  3. You should follow each person in apoc and personally hand deliver the message to them. Only a small percentage of kaw read forums frequently and your message would be better communicated directly rather than through some platform that has died off and none but a small few use on the regular.

    Good day Sir.
  4. First off cheers and respect for the mention!! More of You been giving a lot of love lately also.

    I think it's more because of the balance the events give. It allows for a nice chunk of growth through the first few tiers between crests and SB.(maybe 1 less fail per round of attacks against your bigs lolol) Then we settle back into fighting the good fight....

    but you are right, there is little downtime between and it is almost compulsory to do them once they are released. Personally I try to get what I can in in a couple days then go back to spreading my fails in your guys nf. ;)
  5. It's a game full of fairies,isn't it normal that they would talk about other fairies aswell?Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. i'm in constant OSW and get the same problem, sucks but just keep hitting and they should return, gl in your osw tho
  7. Shouldn't this be directed at every osw clan in kaw? I haven't had incoming off anyone in this osw for like a month... Have to do PvP events to get incoming and even then its tiny amounts because most of them are hitting farms.
  8. They had a pvp aspect to one of the events where u could earn silver bars and such by player vs player methods they need to bring that back but just fix the mechanics to it then the old school osw and pvp style would be back and u could grow while u osw
  9. You should know,you are a fairy yourself.so i correct your "they" to we
  10. See I posted this thread and they started hitting me again. Even attempted another strip. Keep at it. Fight the good fight.
  11. Sure thing.Because you know all things I do in kaw.
  12. You should know your grammar is so bad that you shouldn't be correcting anyone lmao.
  13. dont understand this at all no inc ? I know here Regs its attack on eb spies on targets.osw or not we need to grow (was doing this way before legends came out) and strip funds.
  15. We can take it in swedish Kasama so i can complain about your grammar.was just pointing out that he should have included himself with being a fairy.and yes 7 i can see eb history and your stats,not looking good for being a "osw" or not hitting eb hero.but keep beliving you're not a eb fairy like the rest of us.and Kasama if you had spent 50% of the time you spend in forums accualy playing the game,you would have been bc and lb nr1.but keep complaining on ppl's english,i will invite you to a swedish chat

  16. Love the fact that you're tracking out my actions and all.Hitting EB doesn't necessarily mean I'm an EB fairy.Do I have to live like a kaw caveman/savage and make no money at all?Fyi 80% of my spies go on targets and all you see in EBs are attacks.think twice before accusing someone
  17. Du är jävligt skit både på svenska och engelska
  18. Example that google translate dosnt work very well for you demon lol.and we all know that you dont hit eb's,you keep telling us in wc 10 times every day,i guess thats what you accually wanted to say.
  19. Not accusing you for anything 7,just checked eb history for a day and says over 400 actions from you.so not accusing you,thats a fact.maybe you are a different kind of fairy then.
  20. But pewdiepie types perfect english lol