What have I missed since I’ve been gone..

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  1. So it’s been a long while since I’ve been on this game and frankly I just got bored and missed my mates over at New Age, so I decided to see what’s up and to see how the game has progressed since I decided reset.

    Well, it has changed. First thing I noticed.

    Not joking, first thing I noticed is that I have a war Staff. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been judging the hell out of them.

    Let’s go from the top.

    Commander Brannyn

    First off. I don’t trust anyone who can’t spell their own name. So Brian or, as he would like you to call him bran-yan, or Sir Tripple N can take one of those N’s and put an O next to it and step on out the door. He lost his left arm and with it his mind because the team he gave me is just, ahhh, just horrible! Maybe if Brian took some time to spell his name right and not focus on if there is 3 n’s or 4 n’s in his name, he could of done something useful.


    Okay, now, the true merit of a commander is in their team.... This team is all fashion and not much else. I gotta tell you. I’m the lord of these lands and yet my court? Team? Council? Whatever expects me to do the work? I mean, for good reason, my lands and wealth sure hasn’t increased when I took my vacation from KaW responsibility. So, yeah, whatever, it’s on me. But.. again, all glamor and no power. For Christ sake, their idea to improve my holding, power, and wealth is to have me find furniture! FURNITURE!!! they also set up a trade route but it doesn’t accept gold or bars. Shame!

    Anyways, let’s look at the team. First, let’s just get this guy out of the way...

    Field Marshal Holm

    ...... I... I’m not going to lie, I want to butterknife point at his mug and scream What are dooooossssss. I know, look, I know. Hush, it’s a dead phrase that deserved its demise but I can’t help it. I just want to grab those handlebars and pretend that he is a 60’s era Harley. They just bug me, almost as bad as his quest.. almost..

    A field marshal who only hands out rewards for epic battles.. just.. No wonder his helmet looks like a broken cog, he... I’mma stop before I get kicked off forums on this guy.

    Let’s go to the next one.

    The Oracle

    I mean... even a broken clock is right two times a day.. unless it is like 4 seconds behind.. then it is always wrong. But not by much..

    Gods, I just want my fortune told right about.. Anyways, no complaints here other than her not having a name. Well, I have another but not worth the forum ban. But let’s get to the final two.

    Spymaster Thanna

    Thanna sticks out like a sore thumb. I could see her walking down the street of a road so packed of sweaty bodies and bad decisions no matter the distance. This is NOT something you look for when it comes to a spy.

    It may just be, oh, I don’t know, the reason her face is all scared up. I’m not saying she is bad at her job, she is still alive. But you would think a spymaster would learn that she may have to, you know, be hidden.

    Honestly people. That wondering villager that stumbles across and spots your spies, He only knew the turd was going to hit the fan because he saw her purple hair waltzing by with more daggers on her chest than scars on her lip... and that’s a lot of daggers!!!

    But don’t tell her I said that. She seems like someone that would stab someone just to watch them bleed.

    NOW let’s get to the final one...

    Scout Captain Gwyn

    Fiery Hot and that scar on her nose makes it even more. You know, I get this hire. I could forgive this hire, if it was the only one that looked gorgeous but wasn’t suited for the job.

    Again a scout, again, easy to identify, again, why is she so damn hot.. it’s the red hair, she is kissed by the sun and...

    Rusted, remember what Ashes use to say.. Don’t get distracted...

    Anyways, you can see her from a mile away. Like, get a damn hat and put some dirt on you. Blend in! At least try?????

    Okay, really though, artwork is amazing and I’m just being silly. Except for Holms and Commander Triple N. I would fire them both today. Great art work, just... no...

    Keep forums alive and remember: Support your local farmer, use the battle list to hit someone today!

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  2. Haven’t seen this much effort put into a forum post in a while
  3. I have always put effort into my post. Maybe If I do it enough it’ll catch on again now that I’m back.
  4. This actually made me smile. Man I missed your no supports! Hope you have been well.
  5. I enjoyed this post! "Triple N" as you like to call him, is pronounced like bran-in :)
  6. Why does the Oracle and Gwyn have bigger boobs than Thanna?

  7. noob
  8. This thread deserves a mandatory reply. Hello rusted, not much has changed, just now events flow smoothly
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha how have I never noticed brannyn's single arm? That's some incredible detail.

    Thanks much for the thread rusty, very enjoyable read!
  10. This is what I missed from the forums man :lol:

    Good stuff bro!