What has brought you back to KAW?

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  1. Raj was the best RPer with his taco fiesta RP or whatever the hell it was
  2. I really have no idea why i still play. The obvious reasons are friends I’ve made but in recent times I’ve even let those slip (shame on me tbh). But Vedd makes a good point. I come on, tap and hope one day I log in and find the old KaW. The one we loved that was a pure joy to play, the kaw that was fun, that you’d play all day that would be full of new features...alas it’s now event after event after event. Just dull dull dull. Who knows maybe things change. Here’s hoping.
    Icey out
  3. See if I quit that would just be proving my in game enemies right and I can’t let that happen.
  4. I’m just here because of the friends I’ve made. I quit, then came back. Not for the love of the game. But the people I enjoy talking too.

  5. Ive quit twice, once for two plus years. The friends made over the years bring me back, but like Ice, its the hope of old kaw returning that keeps me hanging on. If they made a new server for kaw 2013, with all rules set to that year, id start over and reset this acct. Those were the days of osw, ee and fearful sleep. Rip

  6. I’m always here Thumper, and I’m glad when I see you back on the game. Makes me also believe others will rejoin the KawCommunity, even if it’s a far fetched idea some days.

    I hope you are enjoying your time back. Things have changed but hopefully some things haven’t like friendships on the game.
  7. Expensive is right!   Thanks man, I appreciate it!
  8. I like to come back every now and again to see how it’s changed since the old days before even and pwars
  9. The main reason I can never keep KaW of my phone for too long is boredom, whenever I get bored I find myself looking for an app or game that can hold my interest, I always find myself back here playing for a bit.
  10. Alcohol & mentally unstable
  11. Curiosity.

    “Curiosity killed the cat”
  12. Friends. The game has gone down hill. Barely anyone wars and don’t see many active clans. I have never seen so many clans running warbeast.
  13. I just got out of prison. I don't have a job or any friends either.
  14. I love the social aspect of KaW.
  15. A lot has changed!!! Since pwars. We need more players.
  16. The wonderfully funny nutcases on here who've i've chatted to
  17. The days before system wars and plunder wars were so much better. True clan loyalty, people more careful about their alliances, so much less overpriced stuff, genuine effort needed to hit max stats. And the wars were truly brutal, real legends of the game, real meaningful strips. It was awesome
  18. Ice cream and chocolate pudding
  19. I’m not sure if I would say friends since I didn’t talk a whole lot with people but I can the relationships I have had with other players is what brought me back. I’ve been playing for about 8 years, being only to stay on for a year at a time each time. This last time I came back, it was a struggle to find a new active clan. Then I joined Skull Valley and they were crazy fast with haunt and br doing about 12 cycles a day. Now the clan has grown to have Arson City part of the family for smaller members while SV does NOTH and GOTH rotations.
    I have been apart of some amazing and fun clans. It is the people who keep bringing me back since I noticed early on that KaW was a stupid simple game with the incentive of dailies. OUTSIDERS_ELITE is the clan I was part of the longest (but not for long) and I will always hold dear. There were many there who would get on just to talk in cc and monitoring the clan was second.
    RIP slygrydog. I came back and found that they had passed away while I was away this last time...