What has brought you back to KAW?

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  1. Probably because of long term associations with people enjoying the challenges involved in the game,helping people grow is something I enjoy in the game but won't spend or encourage to do so anymore.
  2. The Kaw experience for me has and always will be the friendships I've made. Wdgaf clannies, and even those we fought. The daily eb clans. Wars. All revolves around the people of the game. My first friends were from countries half way around the globe from my Iowa home. Good or bad it's always been the people that keep me here. Great post with realistic thoughts and feelings! Ty for posting it!!
  3. vampy glad you're back
  4. 2 x promo on the offer wall. Friends kept telling me how awesome it was and how many help tickets they were sending to devs to bring it back. Then like magic, the devs brought it back by popular demand and I praised the Lord and couldn't miss out on it this time :)
  5. My longing for Future Combat : Patriots at War keeps bringing me back.
  6. One person. That's it.
  7. Pure addiction. Sad thing is, its hard to fight. Dont think most will stop unless it physically stops running anymore.
  8. I was actually really loving KAW when I quit about 4 years ago, but I had just started college and was extremely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff going on in my life. I was having lots of fun and was just starting to enjoy and understand the system wars, but KaW was killing my grades. Since I had no self control, I deleted the app off my phone entirely. I think I jumped back on once or twice over the summers just to see who was on, but was unable to get in touch with many of my past friends, and quit once again. I had a KaW family (Literally, I was called the aunt of the group) and was a trusted admin in our clan. Our clan failed and had to merge several times, but the core people always moved clans together. I think it helped that our clan eventually fizzled out and most everyone quit, taking away half of what I loved about the game.
    I technically graduated in May, even tho I did my student teaching this past semester. I was looking for some games to play over the summer and decided to give KaW another chance. One of my “nephews” from my old clan had started playing again and had grown significantly, surpassing me in stats. I sent him a PM and he invited me to his clan, Lands of Death. Wow! The game had changed SO much, all these new lands, legends had been introduced, wars had changed, etc. Some changes were good, some bad. It was actually a tad overwhelming at first, but gave me new things to learn and new goals to meet. I found a new group of people that I enjoyed hanging out with. We started an OSW. The other clan was WAY bigger than us, but that didn’t matter. I had always wanted to learn to OSW in the past, and I wasn’t passing up the opportunity. I ended up warring naked and didn’t care that I could barely hit anyone. I was growing (slowly), trying to keep up with the growth of the opposing members and it really gave me a solid goal to work towards. When hurricane Florence hit, I was stuck at home for two weeks, and for part of that time had no power. I played on my phone when I could, and it gave me something to do. That OSW caused some drama (what else do you expect from OSW?) and some people left the clan for various reasons. I thought about quitting, but was growing quickly and enjoying progress despite the many flaws I felt had been introduced to the game in my absence. I realized that, while many friends had come and gone, the social aspect of the game (including trash talk) was keeping me afloat in real life too. I did my student teaching closer to home and was staying with my grandparents this semester. Campus (and all my friends) were very far away. I had no friends in the area. I saw people at school, but as a teacher or student teacher I don’t have the kind of close relationship with students that I had with my college peers. I occasionally messaged some college friends, but otherwise was a bit lonely. This game kept me from going crazy tbh. So, now it is partly social, and partly addiction, and partly being obsessed with growing, now that I seem to have gotten back in the groove. I also want to do more wars and OSW. It’s flawed but still enjoyable. If I quit again it’ll probably be because my job is on the line due to my addiction. Lol.
  9. Vampy Vampy Vampy lol, how time does fly. It is definitely players like you that keep players like me coming back. I remember when you war commanded at DLoK, we had such fun lol. Damn. That was 4 years ago, so much has changed. It is great to be back playing again, and seeing you makes it that much better.

  10. Interesting reading all that comments and the lovely post.
    There is no certain reason for coming back, its just time. When I'm free I surely do return back to Kaw and enjoy it, but when rl gets busy I just focus more on it.
  11. WOWZA!!! So much going on. College is very overwhelming and crazy. Yes its fun and enjoyable but also very stressful. I'm so glad you made it through and have some time on your hands now to get back on here!

    OSW is an amazing way to bond with the clannies which is a good reason why people love OSW and also noob tears :mrgreen:

    Thank you for commenting on my post and writing a detailed summary of your experience leaving and returning to the game. A lot has changed but the new features have made the game some what more interesting now. Though... Expensive, but an instant rewarding sign.

    I am always available to talk if you want some help with furnishings or anything else regarding KAW's changes since you've been away! My pm/wall is always open.

  12. Hey Stevie, Thanks for commenting. I agree the challenges of the ever evolving game has made it an ADDICTING one. Unfortunately I have something called a KAWCaine Addiction... and I spend $$$ on something I really should stop spending money on, but I enjoy it a little too much.

    We have all stuck around for some reason. And I am glad that I can see old timers on here from when I first started. Makes my experience on the game that more enjoyable. And also meeting new people who are making my time on Kaw really enjoyable.


    I hope you continue to enjoy the game even if you aren't spending anymore. Forever grateful for the opportunity to play for free. Kaw is just that addicting :roll: sadly...
  13. 
  14. I pretty much come back same reason as you, because of my friends. But they don’t play anymore besides 2 so idk, 2011-2016 was prolly my favorite kaw Years tbh.
  15. KAW is the people. I once took it all too seriously and quit for my own sanity. Wingsaber brought me back and it is them and the other friends I made here that keep me KAWing. Plan to reach out to those I’ve lost touch with from my early days this year. Ty for the thread Vampy, happy KAWing. IO
  16. Sounds like the AA of Kawcaine  - I’m guilty too .... We all looking for THAT Magic that is KaW again ... searching searching searching ....
  17. You don’t need to come back if you’ve never left
  18. I have play kaw over 8 years now. It does not seem like that long. I have rage quit real life issues quit and even just plain got tried of spending money on kaw.

    But I have always come back because of the friends I have made. I have been thru rough times being deployed to Iraq. But in the end there was and is always someone to talk to