What has brought you back to KAW?

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  1. I redact my statement. Apologies.
  2. Nobody knows the reasons I left but me, so someone asking a third party why I left, is not on topic, no.
  3. I have always loved helping players, especially new clans and players. I enjoyed my time in ZE specially because we helped people with Epic battles and I would often find myself outside of the clan rather than inside the clan.

    Us Mercs would race to different clans to help them finish their epic battles and post our amazing Merc Train art in cc.

    It was a time to get to know new owners and clans that I hadn’t been to. It was the enjoyable rush of killing the epic battles and it was the amazing feeling being in cc with clan mates that cared about each other.

    I will forever have ZE in my heart and remember it as one of the clans that got me enjoying kaw when I first came back to Kaw after I quit.

    Thank you for posting your positive experiences that have made you return to Kaw. Helping new players is what makes Kaws players come back. Meeting new people on Kaw allows for new friendships to be made.


    p.s. The original owner of ZE will forever be engraved in my fondest memories of Mercing. He was a true leader who knew how to make his clannies work together and made Kaw a fun new experience for me to enjoy. Forever in my Kaw Memories.
  4. I agree Kali, hopefully others comment and put as much thought into their responses towards their reason for rejoining the Kaw Community.

    Sometimes it is hard seeing how much things on kaw have changed and how much people on kaw have evolved. So many things seemed to have changed due to people’s experiences and due to how serious people take Kaw now.

    Sometimes I feel like people enjoy making others experiences on kaw crappy on purpose. Let’s just enjoy the game and not make every little thing such an issue anymore, bring it back to its old ways of supporting and taking the time for a solid friendship on Kaw.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  5. It's a hard habit to kick
  6. Well I have quit a few times... even reset on a good friend once  anyway friends is what brings me back.... I started out as a Murph....then went to iss.....empire for a while.....back to iss......then kinda roamed around awhile was even at the strippers club briefly warred for a time with empire, idd, and of course Los been playing about 6 almost 7years this account almost 6years....I'm currently being held hostage by the wormies
    Biggest impact for me from a player would have to be my iss clanies
    And of course Poo
    Many many others but those where the main ones
  7. Very true it's the friends we have in kaw that brings us back everytime,when we need a break it's the friends we miss that we come back to. Kaw is a second family because of those friends
  8. Sleep deprivation and boredom brought me back. Not sure why I’m still here lol
  9. I'll add, Ahdragos
  10. I quit cuz EE is straight trash and devs are garbo when it comes to fixing EE etc.

    Friends bring me back though.

    also, rip Parallax
  11. Friendships brought me back. Tears will keep me around.
  12. Second time Parallax was mentioned... That account is actually an alt of someone I’m close to 
  13. I don’t usually give out Mains without thier permission. Which is why I just post a name without commenting if it’s an alt or main.

    At one point we were very close and they helped me a lot with growing, warring and correcting my build.

  14. I used to war so much, it was really fun especially when you stayed in the clan and got the extra clan bonus for winning the war.

    Kaws changed so much, I don’t think I’ll even try to war Honestly. People make “deals” with each other to throw wars, alts, and people “fall” asleep during wars.

    I just don’t have time to be disappointed with whoever’s team I end up on... that wants to waste someone else’s time for their gain... just not worth it to me.

    It’s good to be back, always amazing to see friends from way back then, still playing. Happy to see you still play KOS.

    Thanks for your post!

  15. I mean like there was literally 9 person clans a few indis ago and now we have 1 30 man clan with Bc people, full allies/eq and charms, and then theres like 10 accounts under 150mcs. If the devs knew anything they would understand that 1, this is a horrible idea and 2, lows sacrifice themselves for the team, yet "not enough successful actions for reward" is our response. Please. You get through 1bcs spy towers with 15mil spy attack. Please, by all means, try to get through bc people who have nothing to do but bank in allies and farm charms. And you wonder why 30 people and alts cast for war. Lol no one wants the bs of having to deal with it. They'd just rather cast and action their way to free deals because no one wants to suffer through wars (I've actually warred since s3 so like. Names changes but exp doesn't)

    And yes I'm salty. Saltier than the dead sea
  16. the sence of family in game brings me back all the time
  17. I am so glad you came back for your friends, that's the main reason why I came back. The olden days of Kaw with families and people I felt like I could talk to anything with made my time on Kaw memorable.

    Hopefully your friends from when you first started have at least come back to see how Kaw has changed. Also I knew someone named WinkMurdered who said they were apart of Worms, I don't think he plays much anymore. But he used to tell me how much he missed his days in Worms

    Thank you for giving your input on my Thread, much appreciated and have a Happy New Years.
  18. Thanks for posting hun!!! Years on Kaw sure do add up, I think my 7th birthday is coming around the corner. :roll:
    Yes here's to another great Year of Kaw, lots of fun, and hopefully no huge disappointments. But I won't hold my breath... theres always at least one HUGE Disappointment. :lol:

  19. I agree a 100% ugh!!! New lands can make the game at times so so so discouraging. GRRRR, it's like they know I am so close to Build Complete and slap on new lands... like in your face, you thought you were close to Build Complete now I added 25 new lands for you to explore once you get there. hahahaha

    I swear its so upsetting when new lands come out haha.

    I agree with coming back to the game and not really having those same people around you. They have all left and moved on with their life off of Kaw. There were some that I absolutely adored from my OSW days to my family days in Second Echelon, Zodiac Elite and Mythica Hellraisers. It honestly comes down to all of the people over my years of Kaw that has led me back here time and time again.

    Thanks for Responding a fantastic read and really thoughtfully put. Much Respect and I hope you stick around for a little bit longer. Kaw Gifting is coming soon.
  20. Aww we know Lady_Kahlia