what happens after Season 5?

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  1. Lol I like this actually, made me laugh hard. I will still war though and if I can I'll help level the playing field.
  2. Thats a daunting task n there will be those who won't play ball.
    Round Wars has proven that.
    Did not adapt n went the way of the dodo.

    GL though Syl n Sadie
  3. just saying
  4. Simpler the Devs set cs tiers but they won't.
    Good idea but ppl will play to win n getting all on board in a unified way is highly unlikely.

    Not a pessimist and I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Omg yes please
  6. Yes Notom Many EE War clans The ToP ones arE Eab fairies Since Months AgO, All those Famous Clans we All KNow are doing SS/TSG/AFF - they lost Interest In EE, i think devs did too Many Upgrades to builds size that Ppl are catching up in size and equip
  7. Last night's primal matches: 2 mismatches (1 the biggest cs mismatch discrepancy in Kaw history, the other a clan that preys on noob clans --- nothing new) and 1 excellent match. (Final score separated by 9m.)
    Devs, care to explain how a 1300mcs difference comes about? My prediction is u will ignore this question like u do with anything u can't fix/doesn't pertain to making $. Pls prove me wrong...for once.
  8. I agree with Sadie, the devs obviously will not fix the war system, but many look for clans for 2hrs b4 sign ups to no avail. Wc/clan leaders can work it out, Syl does it, did it, a lot to get others into wars and to have enough clans to get matches
  9. Oh god people are still posting on this thread
  10. What EE war clans want to fix the problem? Follow me......It is up to us.
  11. start pwars again...
  12. get a grip.....This is a serious post. Trying to help the EE war community. Move along trolls. :cool:
  13. hm.

    Season 6, new war types?
  14. Who cares about season 6? NOW is what matters.......what you do, or don't do will decide future,
  15. You keep pointing to this as something that the players created. I'm sorry, but this one's on the devs. The matchup system is off the rockers.
  16. yes, appears that way. How to match when 4-5 clans warring? Maybe ask why so many stopped......
  17. you know what sucks?

    NFL score picking contest. 10'xtal give away...is top forum post.

    Don't you guys care?

    Why should I? If you don't!
  18. Because they never bothered to deal with em. The ones who did- they managed to find success. Most players have the reward mentality ingrained deep into them. It just isn't worth the effort to cast when mith is the only reward you get. If you look at the history of builds used in primals- you'll see the evolution of battle hansels and hybrids to counter spies. How many people in their right minds would invest in changing builds for a below par mith output?
  19. Support for OP. For many reasons. As a 4 1/2 year player who loved to war, I've all but given up on it. Iwars are usually terrible, with inactives, moles, and all around disorganization. The game went for so long without any decent war platform that we have an entire generation of gamers who have no clue what they're doing in war, but they can smash the hell out of an eb. The problem is, as soon as they join an iWar and make a mistake, they're belittled and berated to the point that they think that's what war is. There is no room for error, anywhere, so they just don't war. We need to be teaching and helping them learn to war the right way. I don't know how to fix the matchmaking dynamic, but I know that without willing warriors, you'll never have enough clans to accomplish anything. That all starts with sound training and build advice, which most players are not getting.