What happened to Oracle prices

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Thorn, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Just came back to kaw and the prices are weird..

    The 168xtl & 765nob pack used too cost the same.. 100USD..

    But Now the 168xtl pack costs about 35dollars more than the 765nob pack... What happened? Is dis a error?

    I asked devs and his reply was that I'm sorry I can't disclose this wth

    Why are the 765nob and 168xtl prices different now?? Did nob value fall??

    I ask this cause the 10nob and 1 xtl costs the same as each other.
    50nob and 6xtl costs the same as each other.
    200nob and 32xtl costs same as other.

    But 765nob and 168xtl r different??

    Sorry 4 my English..it is my 3rd language.. Sorry
  2. I think you did well with English, even better than some of the English speaking slobs that post threads.๎€‘๏ธ๎–

    Cant help you with nobs tho, Sorry
  3. As long as I can remember it has been this way. Xstals are the better deal for regens and nobs have their place for premium items. As far as value nobs are overpriced imo.
  4. Hi erratic sorry for not being clear

    I mean that 765nob pack and 168xtl used to cost the same.. Now they do not... The 168xtl price is 35USD higher than the 765nob...
    The 3 lower Nob & xtl tiers costs the same as each others
  5. Those 2 were never the same you only pay 10ยข a nob then they throw 15 nobs free with the 765nob package $75. 168 xtals was always $100 So only $25 not $35 off and it's been that way since 2010 (when I first started)
  6. Sorry this is what I am saying... 765nobs is 100 American dollars for me

    168xtls is 135 America dollars for me..
  7. That can't be America dollars bc its $75 and $100 and as I said b4 those prices have not been touched since 2010 in the America dollar
  8. O I bet your using the Canadian dollar bc I believe that would be the right price for them