What happen to my forum post

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  1. AAH leader accepting YAFI alts and those alts pretend to cry when get strips to lower AAH moral. After the war is over they went back to YAFAILS.
    BC you shouldn’t talk about crap clans. YAFI family went to crap after they let in Judgment . Look YAFAILS are homeless. You ask for it, YA__judgment__FI, YA__Grom__FI, __judgment__ and YA__Rise of Honour__FI are all dead clans Please don’t talk about crap clan because all your clans are dead. According to you all NAL is me. Yet you can’t kill a single player according to you?  I made fun with your joke of a family being the biggest loser of a family in history of KAW. YAFAILS family got beaten by 19 players . Again you got beaten by 19 old NAL without my help. That’s got to sting knowing you got destroyed by very few
  2. Poor irrelevant Musang still lying to appear relevant. No one bothers to correct you know because you will only disregard the hurtful truth and continue your lies to further your own agenda.

    Just like how Twicc account got banned, and described as retired by you.

    Btw thanks for acknowledging there were only 19 old nal players even though there were at least 2 full clans of players. You are trying to tell us each nal player has at least 5 alts?
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  4. Truth again! Wow! I am getting impressed.
    Just one thing.... Musang stop using your own product just because it is on sale! 
  5. I’m having fun you on other hand cry to devs daily . I promised I will visit you again sooner or later. You will see when new land come you will feel my wrath cry baby.
  6. There's your answer noob. If it doesn't show up in thread search, then has been delete. Again thread should be lock due to OP question been answered. Smh learn how to use forums and read replies that way you don't clutter AT with garbage threads like this one and the fake twicc/weedl thread. Have a wonderful day....dumb dumb
  7. What happened to my forum post... oh wait you cried cause it exposed twicc lol
  8. Musang you are like a kid that desperately wants to be seen as an adult, but mom is not letting you. Yeah, one day your day comes, when I am old and retired you will claim your revenge. Just like you killing DS ( slowly ), just like you killing Kiki69 (and this time you really gonna make her suffer ) , just like you apparently killed Yafi that are stripping your alts/ clan mates daily.
    Meanwhile apply your discounted ointment liberally and take in all its side effects like believing you are awesome in OSW. Do that my crappy king midas of NAL. That is all you can do today.
  9. BC stop crying strip me little girl. YAFAILS cry baby like you always make my game more fun 
  10. Hahahahahahahahaha