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  1. You are homeless lol. That’s is true. NAL destroyed you to homelessness that’s is also true. We didn’t bully Kiki69. She had a cf with us when she requested CF when we war against her with Secret Service clan her old clan. CF terms she must not help YAFAILS in any way or form. She must not accept YAFAILS in her clan and she broke that
  2. Give another try which lies I have?
  3. What to point out? Almost everything you posted are lies, so much so that it can't even be pointed out.

    Lies after lies covering more lies. Layers and layers of lies. You lied just about everything.

    The only cold hard truth is that the once feared IDD and New Age group of clans are all destroyed. And you are already irrelevant, reduced to only threatening smaller clans and players. That's fact.
  4. I don’t think you are stupid. I guess you are just clueless and angry. Relax and breath then tell me again which part are lies. Was I lying that NAL destroyed YAFI without my help. Proved YAFI once the most feared family in KAW. Osiris defeated by YAFI. AAH defeated by YAFI due to AAH bad leadership (I was there so you know). The mighty ZAFT couldn’t defeat YAFI and ended up to mutual CF( taken by YAFI as a win). After that war YAFI chests pumps in KAW. Once a secretive group of players all of a sudden chest pumping in KAW. Proved when -IMF- refused to let in YAFI council to join -IMF- ee clan. YAFI stripped his alt for 43 trillion or more( I forgot the right amount but it was at that range). For a clan supposed to be against bullying they bully -IMF- just because rejected on ee war. After the strip they announce to whole KAW community their biggest strip in kaw history without a reason just because they want to bully -IMF-. Then they made a Christmas stunt. They announce again in whole KAW community to removed “Do Not Hire” on banners or be strip. Yet they didn’t tell this to Cella and Harb.
    Proved NAL destroyed YAFAILS:
    YAFAILS homeless now all clans are dead.
    They cry to devs often about me and you can see it in forum
    I didn’t even help NAL destroyed YAFAILS 
    Now your turn
  5. Wow look at that number of lies in that wall of text! I lost count!

    I was among the founders of yafi, and I had an alt in NA and had spoken with the original Twicc via pm. I even know Twicc tried to filter out moles by conversing in Swedish as most Yafians are Asians then.

    All your lies, I can see every single one of them. You post just so many lies that it is pointless and a big waste of time to list the truth one by one.

    Poor delusional Musang.
  6. You havent a clue about what happened with imf and his alt blackplague, believe me, im the best person to talk to about this matter.
    We never bully anyone, you see what YAFI stands for? You ask for it
  7. Yes you bully -IMF-. Proved: -appleseeds- admitted it that he strip -IMF- by himself because -IMF- refused yafi council to join -IMF- ee clan. It’s public knowledge because -appleseeds- admitted it. You on other hand have nothing on YAFI inner working no banks only scout warrior
  8. Wow Musang! Still lying!
    You are seriously entertaining.

    After lying, you ask us to prove that you were lying.

    You are good!
  9. Parroting Trump don’t make you look smart.
  10. Persistent lying doesn't make you more feared, Musang. It only makes you look cuter, more amusing and looking more like a chicken.
  11. Sifu seriously this guy a YAFIAN? He seems so stupid to be accepted to be YAFI?
  12. Poor Musang. Your next best tactic after lying is personal attacks.

    It is sure making you more believable.
  13. We dont look down on people like yourself.
    All yafians are one and the same, all of us are council.
    Im the councillor of clown relations.
    I have to deal with nigel no friends and know it all potato heads, therefore im talking to you right now. Its a hard job, but i make sacrifices for the family
  14. You could just say yes
  15. Hi pusang,can you start a forum post of how to make blueberry pie?
  16. I will when you admit that YAFI just another failed bully family. The family who bullied -IMF- and warlor clan. Also when you finally admit old NAL destroyed YAFAILS without any help from me
  17. Thread should be locked as op question was answered.
  18. Noob show me where did I get an answer? You are an idiot
  19. Exactly! You finally realised you are irrelevant??
  20. AAH defeated by YAFI due to AAH bad leadership (I was there so you know).

    Above is not a lie. Musang speaks truth sometimes. These are his words - everything Musang touches turn to crap. AHH lost war because Musang was there and provided poor leadership. Then IDD was destroyed again, because of poor leadership. New Age destroyed. Under Musang leadership dead accounts move to new home. NAL and this clan is dead again. Musang talks to himself in cc through alts, even posts fake cf requests on accounts he controls by accounts he controls or has in clans just to give illusion of how successful he is . He is like king Midas, except whatever he touches does not turn to gold, just turns to crap.
    For once, he admits to be a bad leader. I admire his moment of clarity.