What happen to my forum post

Discussion in 'Wars' started by _____________MuSaNg______IDD__, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. I made a fun war post history in KAW. Now I can’t find the post. What happen to my post. Where did it go and what is the reason to remove the post?
  2. Ill tel u what hapen.

    U didnt praise devs so ur thread is now in thred heaven.
  3. Only theds praising devs or posted by debs r good.
  4. I agree with you brotha. Devs hate NA too
  5. The art of Crazy?
  6. Yes that post
  7. Go cry another river to Apple....and get more of that money you never spent on kaw back. 
  8. buttstuffs
  9. I spent my milk allowance and don’t want them back I don’t know what you guys spent. I thank you for continually supporting kaw
  10. Thank you for supporting my gold stealing habit 
  11. ahaaahahhahaha
  12. you make YAFI disappear, maybe YAFI make thread disappear?

  13. Maybe I’ll make a post about how musang suffers from YAFI derangement syndrome .... An how a clan he killed makes him foam at the mouth an cry an lay on the floor an throw a tantrum .... An I figure it must be Yafi ghost stripping an stealing his alts gold an the 3 members left in noob age  Or maybe I’ll make a post about how musangs mom blames yafi because he pees the bed when goes to sleep :]
  14. Take your meds you are talking off your ass again. I understand you are upset when Twicc can perform kaw magic and 100’s of YAFI account disappeared overnight. Please show up on nf not on your wet dreams.
  15. That’s how you know they are butthurt constantly crying to devs musang hurting their feelings
  16. That's how you know Musang is extremely butthurt.

    Every little thing related to kaw that went wrong for Musang is blamed on Yafi complaining to the devs.
  17. When we spend a dollar to save some kaw time, we made sure our income is much more.

    It's fine with us if your time is worth only kaw stuff. We respect your choice and decision.

    Using $$ to see your highly butthurt posts is extremely entertaining. Probably the main reason ata loves you.