What does YOUR IGN mean?

Discussion in 'Activities' started by SimbaTheFatDog, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Nothing special. I was creating a new acc on Garena back then. I wanted the name "1hitko" but It didn't went through. So... I went on to try 2....3... And finally - the born of my legendary name. From then on.. 6 kinda became my favorite number :)
  2. player...... Cos I'm playing a game. And the players gunna play play play play so Shake it off
  3. my name needs an explanation?

    Though some folks have mistaken me for female.

    GingeR = I ( used to) have red hair
    NutZ = I'm male and socially inept (some folks think I'm weird, eccentric..

    Its also my favourite biscuit (cookie) because its the hardest, toughest. One of few biscuits that survive a dunking.
  4. Rmb my initials but couldn't use it so added so stuff
  5. I like original and short names?
  6. I'm an it technician....
  7. My real name is Kevin and I am above all of the peasants in the world, so I figured kingship suited my status
  8. Zeth comes from me Mind.

    It is important because it is me.
  9. Like the player Wayne rooney... Huge Manchester United fan here
  10. My name is in irish. It is the moto of true Irish Republicans and it means " our day will come ".

    You may ask what that means, well what it means is, the day will come when IRELAND is a 32 county republic and free from all British occupation.
  11. My name is self explanatory
  12. You could say the same about mine
  13. My name is an oxymoron. Well, maybe it's oxy and I'm the moron