What does YOUR IGN mean?

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  1. my name is an expression of the fact that my words fall on the ears of men and women who can only hear their own point of view.

    its a commentary on the break down of communication that came about with the advent of the age of internet chat.

    it is my way of screaming (or perhaps begging?) that people take a moment to seek the truth, to take the time to filter out the constant cacophony of modern life; tv, internet, text messaging, 24hr "news" networks, blogs, facebook, and endless advertising, to take a moment to seek out the truth on your own. without fear, without bias, and with as much skepticism as you can muster.

    please, i beg of you all. do not let these words be wasted. find your way through the cloud, do not let yourself be disoriented by the spin, do not sit idly in the echo chamber whilst the world burns.

    rise up. become more than data traded by google to internet marketing teams. become more than another wasted life.

    live. learn. love.

    that is what my name means.

    or something. idk.
  2. My name comes from movie i heard a Lone Ranger . And as my nationality i always try put it in my name so people would know where i might be from and end result is.. nobody barely gets it and calls me still Finn xD. And dwl is a place i born at and its just english translated :) without english it would be only PK. And i like the english version : Devils Wood Land :) and Yeah the Lone in my name says also im Lonely xD . So. Here you got the answer . Enjoy the day :3
  3. My name originated back in the ancient times when gingers ruled the earth and we worshipped badass cups 
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  5. My name means "child of the lion" and I like cats? :?
  6. My name means I'm the 3rd coming so you all will and must atone for your sins in blood. See you soon.
  7. I'm the naughtiest of them all.
  8. BD for my original clan almost five years ago, Black Death.
    Gentry for nobility and honor.
    11B for infantry. I have used 0311 as well. Marines and Soldiers know what I mean.

    Oorah and Hooah.
  9. Well, I created this name when I was little and playing other games, I'm not the tallest boy so it's kind of stuck !
  10. Well im a pro and i like killing and my favourite number is 79 since that was the highest I could count too until I was 3 so yah prokiller79
  11. Two boats.. Its literally two boats.. Where I got it from? Only god freakin knows
  12. My great-grandfather was called Pierre-Remy Büsser.
  13. All my accounts are related to old DC comic supervillains. Props to the one who can tell me whos my nemesis without looking it up :geek:
  14. Youve said that a few times this thread silly :p
  15. Wasnt his name Aslan?...
  16. My beverage of choice is the White Russian, I dig bowling, and find myself in a bathrobe most days just taking it easy. Also, I have a rug that really ties the room together.
  17. Asland
  18. I read it a long ass time ago, but I swear that it was Aslan