What does YOUR IGN mean?

Discussion in 'Activities' started by SimbaTheFatDog, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Get a name change to Bad_Luck xD
  2. I'm a narwhal. Hi.
  3. Wrong! Your -Narwhal! Dont lie!
  4. Sir_Artorias_Of_The_Abyss wasss my original account
    Butttt i got locked out lol didnt feel like emailing support so i just made this account
    Sir Artorias was a reference to a Dark Souls Character who i thought was an utter beast
    Known in the game as Sir Artorias The Abyss Walker i thought i could replicate that sort of in kaw due to it being also a medieval based game so i choose that :p
  5. Just named myself after a pokemon with an op ability.

  6. My name is just an ice breaker.

    You know.. Like hi. I'm good for it.
  7. My name is Ten and I'm also the AntiChrist.
  8. This current name is from a song by radioactive chickenheads with same name and its awesome... I guess it's a movie too
  9. So are you saying hi while being high
    Or are high up in the air waving hi to down below?
    This truly is, the world's biggest
    :) ;)
    :( :eek:
    :shock: :?
    :cool: :lol:
    :x :p
    :oops: :cry:
    :evil: :twisted:
    :roll: :?:
    :idea: :arrow:
    :| :mrgreen:
    :geek: :ugeek:
    Unsolvable question
  10. My name refers do my good old days (technically bad) for when I was a major druggie.
    I've always tried to get my 'Desired Effects' from those first times, but I know that I'll never get that same high ever again. :)
  11. I actually don't know. I started playing KAW blackout drunk. I googled frogknuckle, turns out to be a shitty band from Chicago. That's not it though. You tell me.
  12. That's my inspiration for my name
  13. You stole that pick from ashesofeden ._.
  14. Damn right I did
  15. #Thuglife
  16. Also I dream of being a male stripper, I want to make mommy proud. :cry: