What does YOUR IGN mean?

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  1. I'm incredibly sorry, if you wish I can remove your name and get a different example, BTW - Fantastic story :)
  2. Got it from Elder Scrolls  I've yet to see anyone with it so I claimed it.
  3. It's coo
  4. My website homepage says
    "Come from the web? Someone stole my W's"
    So the name is blackvvidow. Someone stole my W's. The v's replace the stolen W's until someone returns them.
  5. I like to get drunk and fight people.. I like to be sober and fight people too :lol:

    I can't do that anymore because I'm grown.

    Banter and farming is my therapy :lol:

  6. lol All talk and no action there Larry.

    The character and quote is right, movie is wrong. Stainer was in "She's outta your League" not "Role Models".
  7. I'm frog. 'nuff said.


    Lol I picked it cause I love the Frog eyes on the end and its a name that is good at pissing ppl off.

    It is a that is neither badass cliche nor wholesome cute. Frogs seem safe, but they are actually predators. I like this dual nature.
  8. Well, my username is a barcode. What for you may ask? War Realm, a very fun all sh war clan back in the day. I'm pretty sure it's been disbanded by now but that's all.
  9. Kaver originates from a letter deviation of the NPC Jedi Master Kavar from Knights of the Old Republic 2, who in game is the one who most sides with your main character, but in the end his duty is too important to him. Overtime, I made a character with the name kaver as a fan-made character who's a Humanoid of a species that can regenerate himself instantaneously with the Force. He's also special because he's Time incarnate and has limited abilities over time. He's also one of the first intelligent beings and formed the Jedi Order. All fan-made of course xp. ^_^
  10. Its means I'm the dawgs of the dawgs
  11. Well my name is Oliver, everyone calls me Oli.

    I like Bears, a lot actually. (Not the football team doe)

    I'm a part of a family of MaCHiNE's.

    Boom. Now ya know.

    Ps. People think my name is related to the League of Legends Champion VoliBear. But it had nothing to do with it. Funny thing is, I main Voli
  12. Mine should be pretty self-explanatory.
  13. Don't hate me but
    Who's Paige?
  14. Erm...
    Music is my life…?
    It's self-explanatory
  15. Nice name! What's your fave song?
  16. Ok Frog. You are right I'm all talk...

    Careful what you wish for.. Just because you get made fun of on forums all the time, and don't do anything about it, doesn't mean I should act here.. It's the price of free app fame..

    I have an agenda in this game.. When I can use you, I will let you know
  17. Yes an am 1 lol popping collars in kaw = farmed I usually the same name every where even on mix tapes
  18. Name's Hailstorm, at first, I wanted to be Blizzard but I guess that's taken so I was like, what's sicker than a blizzard? A motherfucking Hailstorm. Also, the band Halestorm is pretty sick 
  19. well my names chad and my clan is the true legends nothing really special about my name