What does YOUR IGN mean?

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  1. Hey all :D
    Damocles here :)
    Well, i finally hit my 199 post on forums :D

    This forum post will be my 200th :p
    Anyways! Lets begin!
    This game is simple, post down below on what your name means - for example:
    Well, more words :l
    Better :D
    But even though this IS a game, there needs to be rules too!
    1) No mocking other people's name unless they give you permission(Idk how they will so don't ask)
    2)Keep it PG
    3)If it's something sexual -
    4)Have fun!

    So this should be the typical format:
    My name originates from____________(optional), This name is important to me because_________________.
    So I'll start
    My name originates from the game Ryse: Son of Rome - This name isn't extremely important to me but it does state my purpose in KaW, in the game Ryse: Son of Rome; Damocles is a roman general slain in battle after his comrades betray him (*Cough* Tinkerbell *Cough*) - Nemesis then proceeds to turn him into a spirit of vengeance.

    So lets get down to business!

    PS. I realize there are TONS of forum games like this, but most of them are dead soooo.....Yah.....
    At post count 333, ill make an original game :p
  2. I'm fruity, I like fruit, and I'm a cat!

  3. Can I has
  4. You sound like my teacher.
  5. Only I can have, sorry.
  6. Started as Maad Mortigan on Star Wars galaxies. From there to W.O.W but couldn't have last name so went to just Maad. Then started playing on consoles so went to TheMaad1.
  7. that's really cool!
  8. A tv show I like old show tv show and funny thing guys at work started calling me Mighty Mouse out of the blue so it stuck and the number should tell about them selfs
  9. I play starcraft 
  10. Nobody notices me :(
  11. FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING BRO!!!!!!!!!! (And since MKG in the game is insane and so am I, it fits me.)
  12. Its my middle name.
  13. Cause im Noah, real original i know :lol:
  14. Mine means I am the most beast Pokemon in the entire universe
  15. That would be Darkrai. Because Darkrai is a ****in' badass!!
  16. really? pokemon?

    i always thought you were some sort of squirrel/turtle hybrid furry.
  17. I noticed you.... You follow me everywhere 0.0
  18. Lordbrightblade from the books DragonLance. Found a couple of them and got the name. Been playing for 4 almost 5years now. So yea that's me