what did you get ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Domo, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoying the day with family and friends. In this thread let’s see what everyone got for Christmas. Post your coolest gift. Describe what you gonna do with it and or were you surprised?

    I got a blue tooth programable electric smoker. I’ve been smoking a lot of meats using a propane smoker. Its challenging to use this type. You have to watch constantly. This new electric smoker should be easy. Set the temp and timer and boom done. I was surprised the fam got me this.
  2. I got one more day of life for my best friend!
  3. That’s awesome Domo, been looking into starting some smoking of meat from my in-laws farm. Do you have any tips?

    Nothing particularly cool for me this year, a telly upgrade and a new leather bag for work makes me happy!

    Happy holidays everyone!
  4. I got a new copy of the Joy of Cooking. I've been meaning to pick one up for ages, but never got around to it so it was a nice surprise :)

    That smoker sounds great! That's a hobby I want to get into when I'm more settled into my career.
  5. I had unicorn pjs  ironically lol, a weekend get away for 2, new tattoo and the usual girly stuff you get every year
  6. I got blue thong speedos and santa taught me the floss dance
  7. I got the joy of giving to my local food bank, serving meals to those who otherwise would have had none
    and received the joy of seeing happy faces at the Christmas party organized for small children as they opened gifts on Christmas Day!
  8. The smoker is Bluetooth. Set temp,insert meat, and walk way.
  9. My wife went overboard. I got new iPhone X , AirPods, and Apple Watch. Kaw is fast on new phone. Devs had a chance to help me loose my account while I switched devices but I snuck it in there.
  10. I got a book on bonsai!
  11. Interesting.....is it a historical type or a how too ?
  12. Careful buddy, the hobby starts with a book and quickly moves to $150 on the cheap for tools and then moves to $50- $200 trees. At least that’s how it went for me.

    What book did you receive?

    For Christmas though, I got some new Levi’s, 2 sweatshirts, 2 Braves hats, a shotgun, and an English ivy pre-bonsai tree.

    But the best gift was watching my son enjoy his first Christmas.
  14. Bean Boozled for christmas /).(\
  15. So, I got a stocking with a bunch of little things. I also went to my cabin and invited some friends over for a gift exchange. I ended up with a $20 target gift card and a book called “How to Swear - an Illustrated Guide”. I then went to my friends for a bit and gave them a card and a spa treatment for the two adults. I got their 3 year old a couple of children’s books and they gave me a couple of kitchen utensils and a Star Trek dish cloth. Overall, it was a nice holiday with friends. :)
  16. I got a trapstar tracksuit and hat(mum), nike tracksuit(gf),armani white t-shirt(sister)and a tommy hilfiger winter coat(dad)
  17. Sperrys, an oil catch can and an echo. Pretty awesome year.

  18.  got that for my son sick bucket at the ready